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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Planned Parenthood has Plenty to Hide!

And they think they can do it. Like all child abusers they don't want anyone clued in to how they groom and molest children both physically and mentally. But hey, they got a government grant to do it so it must be a-okay!

Planned Parenthood Denies Lawmakers’ Request to See Its Graphic Sex Ed Curriculum
Just think, rake in millions in tax dollars, but you refuse to let a state legislator see the curriculum. Well, duh, it's porn. And you wouldn't want parents and others in the community to get ahold of it and advertise it around. Those pesky parents might be up in arms. Face it, PP is worse than the proverbial dirty old man in a trench coat who jumps out from the bushes and exposes himself. They actually do it in the classroom giving it a veneer of respectability and make the kids think it's okay. It's mental rape! I wonder, do they just use pictures of anal sex as in show and tell or do they conduct lab sessions with the kiddies? Here's just a taste of what's up for the youngsters:
The program is aimed at 11, 12, and 13-year-old students teaching graphic information that includes teaching children to put condoms on wooden dildos and pro-homosexual behavior.
Well, heck, isn't that what you want your 5th, 6th, and 7th graders learning? When I was eleven I was still playing with my dolls. I didn't know what a dildo was until long after I was married and I've never seen one except pictures. I don't think I suffered from ignorance of these things. In fact, there were only a few STDs at the time and kids weren't the ones getting them. Now, thanks to PP and other groups pushing promiscuity on kids, millions of teens are infected every year. Teen statistics are shocking and yet folks continue to push the same failed agenda of more and more and more sex talk on kids. PP's measure of success is how many kids can get on birth control and in their abortion mills. It's how they make their money and keep their empire going, folks.

PP really stands for "porno pushers," "promiscuity players," and "pandering pimps." Giving them tax dollars is like giving arsonists gas cards. STOPP them!

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