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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Reality of Same Sex Parenting: Read and Weep!

Boy 1 and His “Loving” Parents – “The Unimaginable Twisting of Every Principle of Parenthood”

A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada

Is Gay Parenting Bad for Kids?

Let's face it, even if a child in a same sex household is not physically abused like those in the first three articles, the situation is disordered and the child is taught to believe perversion is normal. That is psychological and emotional abuse even if, as I said, the child is not physically molested. For a little boy or girl to be exposed to same sex parents kissing and fondling each other is hardly conducive to developing a normal attitude toward sexuality. For a child, like Lisa Miller's little Isabella (see here and here), to be forced into overnight visitation with the former partner of her biological mom, is wrong. 

Adult children of homosexual couples are still rare, but their numbers are growing and they are speaking out. Like abortion, where it was years before post-aborted women became "silent no more," we are just beginning to see the impact of rearing children in these disordered and perverted situations. The adult children are beginning to speak out (another here) and their message is not welcomed by gay activists. No matter how loudly they profess that there's no difference between hetero and homo parents, the kids know it isn't true and some live the sad reality of their parents promiscuous same-sex lifestyles. Can it happen in heterosexual relationships? Of course! That's irrelevant. Heather doesn't need two mommies; she needs a mom and a dad who love each other from the moment they say, "I do.", and keep their vows for life. The breakdown of marriage is hurting children and same-sex marriage just escalates the devastation!

Pray for the kids. And for those trying to paint Pope Francis as promoting the gay agenda. Here's his opinion of same-sex marriage and adoption: 

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