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Thursday, January 16, 2014

When Is Your Property Not Your Property?

When the government wants it! Agenda 21's goal: abolish private property! Communism fell from grace so the new effort to impose socialism on the world is wrapped in environmentalism. As they say, "Green is the new red." And California is in the lead. So if they want your neighborhood to be "open space" look out. You happen to have ten acres? Hey, the government wants it, good-bye. Confiscation is already happening.

California Law Would Abolish Private Property

Agenda 21 let's government confiscate your property

EPA steals family's property!
This video [on the website above] shows one facet of AGENDA 21 implementation; arbitrary and wholesale confiscation of land and forbidding human habitation or use. This is real life right now, not the future or any speculation. It has been happening to people all over the US. Here, it is under the bizarre pretext of labeling areas as "wetlands" where there is no water, and has never been recognized as such by anyone but rogue uncredentialed bureaucrats.
These federal organizations need to be disbanded. God save us from these bureaucrats! The Sackett's case inspired a novel called Breaking Point.  Thank God they won their case before the Supreme Court giving citizens the right to immediately appeal EPA garbage. But what we really need is the elimination of the EPA. It's unbelievable that these bureaucrats have the power to ruin families.

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