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Monday, January 6, 2014

Well, What Should We Make of This?

Important Sign of the Times: After 14 years, First Saturday TLM abolished at Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

Antonio Socci: In the Vatican there is a NEW PROGRESSIVE INQUISITION, and their first victims are the Franciscans of the Immaculate

I only occasionally attend the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), but I have great sympathy for those who love it and choose to attend exclusively or almost exclusively. And, frankly, I do not understand what appears to be the abrogation of Ecclesia Dei and Summorum Pontificum of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to make the TLM more available. Is Socci right about a "new progressive inquisition?"


breathnach said...

It's disturbing that Pope Francis becomes very annoyed with rosary bouquets sent for his prayers by traditionalist Catholics and has shut down the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Meanwhile the "progressives" are left alone to refashion Catholicism into a a secularist ideology.

James said...

The reports are true, no matter how uncomfortable they make us feel. Why do we think our politicians are liable to be duplicitous, but not our Holy Church's fallible men.

Yes, our bishops are the ones who aided King Henry in suppressing the true Mass in England, and they did it again under Queen Elizabeth. They helped the persecutions of Catholics by the excommunicated Henry and Elizabeth. For what reason? To preserve a false peace? If it happened in the 16th century, why do we think we are so special in the 21st century that we would be free from this? Are we living in holier times? I beg to differ.

Sure, our Pope speaks infallibly when he speaks ex cathedra, but when he abrogates the mass or suppresses it, he is free to do so, because he is not writing it as an ex cathedra statement--which means he is not protected by infallibility.

It is however impossible for him to write or say that the Old mass is invalid or that it is not to be said because it goes against God. He cannot say those words in an ex cathedra fashion, but he can write or say them in an informal in a speech or in even in a homily. And, he can send his henchmen to privately torment the Franciscans into ceasing saying the mass.

It is so simple!! It is really unfortunate mafioso stuff. Do not not be scandalized. Instead, pray for the strength to withstand spiritually.

Michele said...

I find it sad that some TLM's are frowned upon mainly by people who don't want it around. The TLM is the Mass of Ages, its been around for a very long time. Its not going anywhere.

The ultra modernists are the ones who want to banish it completely. Fortunately,that wont happen. They want the Church to change to suit their thinking. The Latin Mass should've always been the norm and never been taken out as the norm.

Paul VI stated back in the day, "the smoke of satan has entered the temple of God" he was right it has. i for one will never be a modernist.

Ruth ku said...

A former member of the Swiss Guard has claimed that he was regularly propositioned for sex by the ALLEGED 'gay lobby' of high-ranking clergy in the Vatican.
So wrong! Please, God, help the good clergy.