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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can't Stop Cheering: Congressman Jim Moran Quitting

About time! Faux Catholic Moran has disgraced himself for long enough: fraud, wife beating, pro-abortion supporting, insider trading -- scandal after scandal. If you had a rap sheet like Moran's, you'd be in jail. He was my Congressman for more years than I care to remember. We had more than one confrontation. I particularly remember a fundraiser at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria where he went out of the way to avoid us by going in the back entrance. Seemed appropriate for a man who excelled at backroom deals.

Good-bye and good riddance to this disgraceful liberal. He epitomizes everything wrong with the Democrat party. But the worst consequence is illustrated in his own son! Looks like Patrick followed Daddy's example to a T. Moran has buckets more to answer for than his own political chicanery.  Read more below:

America's Worst Congressman

Moran's Insider Trading Exposed

An Election-Eve Corruption Story: The scandal of U.S. Rep. James Moran is a civics lesson in abuse of power.

Rep. Jim Moran’s Son Beats Girlfriend


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Congratulations. I rejoice with you!

Dymphna said...

I can hardly believe that we will finally be free of Moran.