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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Meditation: Kissed by Christ

It's been a challenging week. Monday morning started with outpatient surgery at UVA to repair a massive rotary cuff tear. The rest of this week has meant dealing with pain and limited mobility. Try tying your predominate arm against your chest and see how easy it is to get dressed, feed yourself, etc. It can be comical to say the least.

But I've never had a second that I wasn't filled with wonder at the Lord's special care for me - most especially through the love and tenderness of my dear husband. Tuesday morning gave me a special surprise. We didn't take down our Christmas tree because the family room recliner is serving as my "hospital bed" and I wanted the cheery lights as I recuperate. But as I looked at the tree in the morning, I noticed that two ornaments lined up to remind me that Jesus was right there with me. A silver snowflake and a white ceramic angel formed a perfect miniature monstrance to remind me of Christ right there in my sick room. From a distance, the circular center looks just like the host. One could say the alignment was just a coincidence, but you won't convince me of it. I know it was a little kiss from the Lamb of God to remind me He's right here with me. Thank You, Jesus.

See if you can see what I saw on Tuesday morning to brighten my day..

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