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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Contraception: It Increases Abortion!

I recently re-watched the confrontation between Sean Hannity and Fr. Tom Euteneuer where Hannity defended the fallacy of the false alternative. "Wouldn't you rather have people use contraception than have abortions?" Hannity kept asking. Problem is, contraceptive use doesn't STOP abortion it INCREASES abortion. I knew that from years ago (1976 perhaps?) when I attended Fr. Paul Marx's Marriage and Family Life Workshop at St. John's in Minnesota. The head of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children from the UK described what happened when the family planners invaded Aberdeen, Scotland, a beautiful city by the sea. After introducing and promoting contraception, promiscuity, abortion, and all the associated problems increased exponentially. 

A recent study confirms that outcome. Study: Contraceptive Use, Multiple Partners Linked to Higher Rate of AbortionHere are a few highlights of the study:

  • Over 99% of abortions are performed on women who have used contraception
  • Women with multiple sex partners are more likely to abort
  • The earlier a woman becomes sexually active, the more likely she is to have more partners and to have an abortion
The data is based on CDC's statistical reports on the demographics of women having abortions from 2006 - 2010. Read the study here.

One of the most telling results to me was this one:

When the statistics are broken down by family structure, abortion is rarest among
women who grew up in an always-intact family: 16 percent vs. 26 percent (page 29).
If the government really wants to "make abortion rare" it would support legislation to strengthen marriage and the family rather than pass laws that make divorce easier (no fault divorce) and pervert the very meaning of marriage (same sex marriage laws).

Some other interesting facts from the study are these:
A lower fraction of women who defer intercourse have abortions than women who have an early sexual debut. Thirty-four to 38 percent of women who became sexually active as young girls (aged 12, 13, or 14) have had an abortion, while “only” 6 percent of women who had their first intercourse at age 20 or later have had an abortion (page 55).
Contraception seems not to preclude the “need” for abortion: 99 percent of all women
who have had an abortion have used contraception at some point (page 60). Those who have ever used contraception abort at twice the rate of those who have not (page 61).
It's pretty clear that contraception, rather than reducing abortion, makes a woman more prone to having one. So much for Sean Hannity's straw man and the never-ending mantra of the pro-aborts that if you want to reduce abortion you have to increase contraception. It's nonsense and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops! It appears counter-intuitive, but CONTRACEPTION INCREASES ABORTION!

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Carlos said...

I would go a bit further and remind people that most contraception methods are abortive.