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Friday, December 15, 2017

Austria says "NO MORE!" to Islamisation


turkeyridge said...

"We stand for bikinis!" There is the problem with this notion of freedom from Islamic oppression. "Free sex for all, regardless of "gender!" is the message that the video seems to convey as the highest ideal!

First, you cannot replace something with nothing! Muslims believe in their false faith more fervently than the West believes in their various notions of freedom! What freedom? Freedom to publicly French kiss strangers, including those of the same sex?

Sexual liberation is the prime cause of the break-down of the West. So, the producers think we can restore economic and political freedom while keeping the main cause of its downfall?

So called sexual liberation, the march for which began well over 100 years ago, has ripped apart Western society. Actually the War on Sex began with Martin Luther's proclaiming his "right" to have his way with erstwhile nuns and Henry VIII his with women other than his wife in order to leave a male heir!

Now there are few real "males"---real men in public life? If you are a real man you will be savaged by this very "culture" you seem bent on restoring with manly women and effeminate men! Watch the video again!

It gets only worse! Jobs for women? How about a stable home in which to raise the next generation of workers, thinkers, leaders and priests? How about real women? Women used to the the most powerful force in the world by nurturing men, present and future to be real men and neither brutes nor sissies to take on a savage and uncaring world, Christianizing it to save souls! That's your job, Women! Are you too scared of it?

Obeying the men in their lives seems to be the worst fate there can be for women! Consequently those same women have believed in their own destruction, thrown into a world created by brutal men for their own self satisfaction. Selling their bodies in "free" sex, they've become whores. Or lesbians, kissing openly in public to announce their "fredom!"

Taken in by false religions people have rejected those, but also the Real God, the God in Christ and the Holy Spirit! The One True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic has been rejected (mostly due to half of more of clergy being communists and themselves sodomists or sodo-friendly) along with false gods. But men and women continue to embrace secular ideologies of money, sex, drugs and rock and roll!

As an economic near-libertarian I believe in a strong Christian, Catholic moral order in order to have political and economic order. History proves complete, strong and undivided Christianity is the only umbrella under which property and family are attainable and secure.

This means openness to life before liberty, the pursuit of eternal happiness before secular happiness, and the putting of sex into its proper place---in marriage. It means today, having two or three times the current output of future good and productive citizens destined for heaven and not hell.

America and the West have failed because so many dumped Catholicism for Protestantism, and it ultimately had to fail, no match for Godless collectivist ideologies including the all out attack on marriage and family.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. The choice is not between Western decadence and the Islamic caliphate. It's between following Jesus Christ in His authentic Church under the standard of Christ the King or following Satan under his banner of rebellion. St. Ignatius of Loyola explained it all in his Spiritual Exercises.

Susan Matthiesen said...

The Europe of the Crusades was not perfect yet they stood up and fought against Islam. The Europe of today is not perfect yet one hopes that they will stand up and fight against Islam.

Waiting for Europe to become perfect (as described above) before they fight Islam will never happen. It is in fighting for their freedoms - whatever they might be - that they will stand up or not against Islam, and in doing so discover the real reason/thing are fighting for - God.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think anyone is arguing that we should not fight Islam, Susan. The question is whether the West is fighting Islam in order to protect sexual license, gender insanity, homosexuality, and other evils. That is not a winning proposition.

I'm also not sure it's an accurate comparison to set medieval Europe against the decadent West of today. Yes, fighting Islam is important, but if it is only conquered in order to protect abortion, the sexual revolution, etc. it may be like the story in the gospel. The "house" is cleaned and swept only to be re-possessed by the original demon and seven even more evil spirits.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Well, when people get up and fight Islam for whatever reason they might have let's leave it to God to help them know what they are fighting for. You criticize Austria however they at least have elected Sebastian Kurz - so that particular nation is waking up. Please...give God some credit that he will work in people's hearts, otherwise it's a long depressing dismal road to hell.

Obviously liberals want to protect their ideologies but they have already sided with Islam so the point is that when they wake up and join the fight for the West they might, by the grace of God, see what life is about and what is worth fighting for (God) and what is not (their liberal ideologies).

By wanting the West to be perfect - which it is not but it's a lot better than Islamic countries - before being ready to fight, God is left out of the formula.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think anyone is saying don't fight Islam. And I certainly wasn't criticizing "Austria." That's a big place with lots of people who believe different things. My criticism was for the video producers. Are people really fighting Islam to defend bikinis? Or to defend gender ideology?

And who said the West has to be perfect before fighting ANY evil ideology? But it would certainly be helpful to fight with God on your side. Let's pray for Austria through the intercession of their modern martyr Catholic Chencellor of Austria, Engelbert Dollfus, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1934. He and Dietrich von Hildebrand banned together to resist Hitler's agenda. I hope that Sebastian Kurz is a man cut from the same cloth.