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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Muslim Meltdown in Munich

Munich, Germany
October, 2017

This is Islam. Ah, yes. The religion of peace. Multiply this peaceful member of the religion of peace by several million peaceful Muslims and we see what Europe is up against. Thanks elitist globalist liberals!

"Jesus Christ was a Muslim! This land (Germany) belongs to Allah! The entire world belongs to Allah! We want an Islamic world! Allahu akhbar!"

Then this humble peaceful Muslim segues into deep Islamic theology of killing the guy with the microphone because he - the guy with the microphone - has a devil in him that invades his body ... which is a brilliant example of the pot calling the kettle black. But now I have to defend the use of a perfectly good idiom and say it is not an Islamophobic statement nor is it racist because Islam is NOT a race; it's a religion and pots and kettles are KITCHEN utensils. Cookware! 

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Chriss Rainey said...

I can appreciate this man's sincerely held belief that we are wrong and he is right because his leaders and his religious writings have convinced him that is the case.

He and all who follow this distortion of a religion that worships a false god make it easy to see what draws converts to it and keeps others in it loyal. They long for superiority and hope for retribution.

They are not taught love of neighbor. They dont teach repentance and redemption; they spew hate and dream of conquest.

They are a danger to themselves and others and the man with the mic is playing with fire.