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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Eagle's Nest and Eagle's Nest - Assassins & Terrorists

Arabic for Assassin

At the beginning of the Second Millennium there lived another kind of Millennial than those of today, one in particular whose name was Hassan ibn Sabah, "a free-thinker, an Ismailite and a man of consummate ambition "who said that with half-dozen faithful servants 
he could make himself master of the world."

Alas, he died before becoming the world's master because I never heard of
him before and if he had been master we all would have known it. However, he did leave the world his legacy which was that of the Assassins of Islam, the fedayeen, those who sacrifice themselves for the glory of Islam and who believe that in doing so will go to the Islamic brothel-paradise, straight into the arms of 72 virgins. That's right. Hassan left us today's Islamic terrorists who still carry out their master's vision of world domination through his personal 
creed, "Nothing is true, and all is permitted."

In The Flame of Islam, 1930, (Full text HERE) Harold Lamb says of
Hassan: "He formed his followers into a secret order, divided into preachers, companions and fedawi - devoted ones.These became the real key to his success. They were the Assassins. Garbed in white, with blood-red girdle and slippers, each of them carried a pair of long knives. They were young and Hassan initiated them into the secrets of hemp eating and the virtue of opium mixed with wine until they became in reality the blind instruments of his will. He convinced them that death was verily the door to an everlasting delight, of which the drug dreams gave them only a foretaste.

Hassan's Eagle's Nest
"To these youths Hassan appeared to be a prophet more potent than any figure of Islam; to discontented souls he presented himself as a liberator; only to a few subtle minds of his order did the master reveal his real purpose - to win power by instilling fear, and wealth, by upsetting the existing order of things...His plan was simple - he laid the governing powers under contribution, and enlisted the revolutionary powers of the people and turned unruly youths into murderous assassins, establishing a perpetual reign of terror."

Hassan became known as the Shaikh al jebal - the Old Man of the Mountain - because his stronghold was a mountaintop citadel called Alamut - Eagle's Nest. [Is this where Hitler got the name for his mountaintop Eagle's Nest stronghold?] It was at Alamut that Hassan's order of Assassins were trained and lived and it was there that the Islamic brothel-heaven became a reality.

Hitler's Eagle's Nest
"Here, on the summit of an unclimbable mountain, a walled garden had been built - a garden filled with exotic trees, with marble fountains that tossed wine spray into the sunlight, with silk-carpeted pavilions and tiled kiosks. The melody of invisible musicians hung upon the air, and all men who entered were wrapped in the dreams of opium, or yielded the bodies of beautiful girls....And only the young Assassins could enter this paradise. First they were given a drug and carried in a coma to the garden, where they awakened to every delight of the senses. Then, after two or three days they were drugged again and carried out into the castle of Alamut, where they were told that, in reality, they had been allowed to visit the unearthly paradise - that place that awaited them at death."

So there we have it - the promise of fleshly pleasure motivates killing of innocent people so terrorists can forever fornicate with whatever virgins are left after their earthly raping rampages. Meanwhile, Islam's drug infused terrorists murder, behead and rape in order to instill fear on nations until they submit, are ruled by Islam and its laws (Sharia) as dhimmis and pay the jizya.

I find the comparison between Hassan and Hitler to be eerily surreal. Both named their mountaintop stronghold Eagle's Nest, both trained assassins and murderers, both utilized terror, both hated Jews and Christians, both hated people other than their own, both have names beginning with "H" and both used Islam to further their identical goal of becoming Master of the World. 

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Chriss Rainey said...

Fascinating, Susan. I plan to click your link and read full content of Lamb's book. The fact it was written in 1930 is especially interesting to me because it is unaffected by any events of a similar nature that happened after that date, such as the details of Hitler's regime.