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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hate Has No Home Here Follow-up

Living in a dream, longing for Utopia
In case you are wondering whatever happened about the signs in my neighborhood, here is an update on the situation.  My cluster president asked our town homeowner’s association counselor about them and he said, “Reston Association has decided they are not political and would be allowed, IF they are kept to the size requirements of all signs that are permitted by RA rules, in other words, if they are no taller nor wider than one foot. 
My cluster president said he would inform the homeowners that they need to remove their signs, but that they can apply to have them approved by the Design and Review Board which has jurisdiction over these things.
I believe the DRB will tell them they have to be smaller.  What the reaction will be is anyone’s guess.  I suspect they will be belligerent and refuse to remove them.  In other words, how hateful is it that you think you can tell me what I can and cannot do on my own property, EVEN THOUGH this is a highly regulated planned community with more rules than Goren’s book on Contract Bridge. 

Translation:  The Jews nose is bent.  It looks like 
the number 6
Interestingly, I discovered this link to a story about another cluster here in Reston that has already gone down this road.  In that link are other hot spots which I find disturbing.  One says that the whole idea came from “students at an elementary school” who “devised the slogan and a local graphic designer developed the artwork.” 


This should trouble all of us.  To know that very young children are being taught political activism in school by teachers who are clouding little minds to believe some people, and we all know who they are, are really mean and hateful and we have to join together to stop them is very scary.  This is communist propaganda at its best. 
If you live in a red state this may not matter to you very much.  You can say it is “someone else’s problem.”  The decision to release the killer of Kate Steinle will be heralded as a victory for the "Hate Has No Home Here" crowd.  It is a smack in the face of anyone who dares to express support for border security or immigration scrutiny.  What happens in one area of the country does in deed influence and affect the whole country.  
Translation:  All the girls are ours.
As to whether the signs are political or not I believe there is absolutely no question that they are.  It is a big fat lie by the creators and promoters to suggest they are not.  A sign that says:  OPEN or CLOSED is not political because it states a simple fact.  A sign that expresses an idea or concept will by its nature be either political or religious or both.  “Workers of the World, Unite!”  for instance IS political.  In an article published by The Holocaust Explained website they say,
In 1929, Hitler chose Josef Goebbels as his Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels developed extremely successful campaigns using simple slogans and images repeated over and again in order to win public support for the party. The Nazis spent huge sums on newspapers, leaflets and poster campaigns.
Once the Nazis came to power Goebbels developed the Nazi’s use of propaganda to even greater effect. He orchestrated large political military ‘rallies’ to build support. These were vast, highly organised events with banners and marching bands. Using his own skills of oratory Hitler appealed to the patriotism of the German people.
In the article about the other cluster here in Reston, a hot spot leads you to information about where the neighbor attained her sign.  It was at a Democrat Party booth at a local farmer's market this past summer.  Others have also been clear that the source of their signs was at a booth or function sponsored by Democrats. 

It isn’t my desire to stand in the way of free speech, but I do think it is important to shine a little light on who stands behind these signs and draw attention to the agenda behind the message.  I am not a fan of most propaganda because I think there is a big whiff of dishonesty in it, but honest messages for causes like ending abortion, advocating for chastity, ending human trafficking, sexual harassment, and pornography can be a good thing.  Don’t ever doubt that these issues would be shut up by those who live under the umbrella of the “Hate Has No Home Here” sign. 
If I had to guess right now how this will end up, I’d say I’ll still be fighting the issue in March or maybe June.  If I’m lucky they will be bent and buried beneath four feet of snow this winter.  I will of course, observe the process of removal and give a legitimate time for homeowners to respond to removal orders, but if and when they do not disappear, in a timely fashion, I WILL have signs of my own.  Things like Build The Wall, or DEFEND THE UNBORN, or Remember Kate Steinle, or Thy Will Be Done, or St. Michael, Defend Us in Battle. 

Those, after all, are “not political” since they don’t mention a party or a candidate by name.  Right? 


Susan Matthiesen said...

...or "Make America Great Again". I wish I were there to help. It would be so much fun tunneling over to the neighbor's under the snow to remove a sign! They'd never know until the snow melted....and they might just think they removed it themselves before the weather set in.

Steve Cherry said...

Why wait till spring? Mary Fran