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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stop Feeding the Bishops' Evil Bureaucracy

Why didn't we just eat the pork?
The Lepanto Institute headed by Michael Hichborn recently revealed how the bureaucrats at the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) attempted to bribe them with a grant from the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) if they would stop exposing the evil groups the bishops' "charity" funds.

Really? That's what Jesus would do?

Lepanto refused, of course, so they have been the target of a relentless attack to discredit their attempts to get the CCHD, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Charities to stop funding evil organizations and programs that promote intrinsically immoral actions like homosexual behavior, abortion, contraception, and other moral evils opposed by Catholic doctrine.

It's more than shocking and it demonstrates the reality that love of money is the root of all evils. Check it out here. The USCCB is a conduit for your tax dollars as well as contributions you put in the collection basket, and if it means they have to commit a little evil to get the dough -- well, the new reality is "Hey, you patsies in the pew, we cooperate with just a little moral evil because we're doing oh-so-much good."

Tell that to the mother with seven sons in the Old Testament who died after watching them all be tortured and mutilated for refusing to obey the emperor and eat pork. ("Save your sons, Mom. Obey the emperor. Tell them to eat just a tiny bite of the chop!")

All I can say about Michael Hichborn's revelation is wow! These guys are more corrupt than even I thought and I'm fairly cynical about them (or a realist). For years, the USCCB has provided staff positions to liberal Democrats with a record of funding pro-abortion politicians. Staff members pen horrible documents that the bishops NEVER vote on, but are promulgated as though approved usurping the bishops' authority. Take for example the infamous Always Our Children, which the Vatican ordered to be amended. The document's major writer was a homosexual priest, Fr. James Schexnayder, whose entire career as a priest has been normalization of the activist gay agenda. (And he's still a priest in good standing in retirement, by the way.) Randy Engel describes Schexnayder's book, Setting the Table, as a "Guide to Queering Catholic Parishes." And he's done a pretty effective job judging from some dioceses and parishes.

CCHD bribeSo this is what we're getting from the bishops' bureaucracy. What's the effect of their scandal and failure to teach? Most Catholics reject Church teaching on contraception. Most Catholics think same sex "marriage" is a-okay. Most Catholics don't go to Confession and have no problem with those living in adultery approaching the altar for Communion. Only about a third of Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. But not to worry, Alinsky style community organizing is alive and well in most dioceses. My own has a very active affiliate of Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation called VOICE (Virginian Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) which is a liberal tool that gets great press in the diocesan Catholic paper. Oh...and it was founded by two socialist priests, one of whom used to be my associate pastor.

Face it, today most Catholics are, perhaps without realizing it, heretics. They pick and choose doctrines just like every heretic in history and they reject the ones they don't like. And that is what heresy is -- rejecting an authoritative doctrine of Christ as taught by the Church He founded.

And it's not hard to understand the crisis in the Church when you look at the USCCB which is basically a lobby group to convince individual bishops to keep their mouths shut about evil in order to maintain fellowship with their brother bishops (and keep the government billions flowing). It's a shameful group that has undermined the faith for decades.

You might want to keep that in mind when the Lenten appeal comes up. Write to your bishop and ask how much money the diocese sends to the USCCB and say as long as they are funding the evil bureaucracy in D.C., you're sending your charitable contribution someplace else. You can still fund the seminarians or the organizations you love. Just cut out the middle man and send the money directly. That's what we'll be doing.