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Saturday, December 2, 2017

What Timing! Hollywood's Goal: To Make Pederasty Great Again.

Hollywood is at it again with a new film normalizing adult-child sex. It's the latest Brokeback Mountain. Only it's not two adult men now, but a man and a boy. And so we have the "gay" film, Call Me By Your Name  released Thanksgiving weekend just in time for Christmas viewing. What a gift, eh? Really, they assure us, it's a romance.

Who doesn't love a romance??

No surprise really to see the studios promoting this. They're starting with an older teen, but that's just a desensitization tactic. The younger kids will come later. Man-boy love is the next barrier to fall in their evil playbook. Let's face it! Hollywood is Sodom and Gomorrah where no sex is too kinky or depraved or too out of bounds for the movers and shakers to promote it.

Isn't the timing ironic, though? While the media continue to expose more and more abusers in the entertainment industry, Hollywood puts out a film which paints an adult-child gay relationship in warm and fuzzy pastel tones. Even National Review, a faux conservative magazine (which has been going to the dogs ever since they fired Joe Sobran), called it a "charming gay romance." Talk about an oxymoron! I can't imagine anything less charming or romantic than a man sodomizing a boy. Yuck!

In recent years, many child actors and actresses have addressed the fact that they and their peers were used as sex toys by older members of the Hollywood elite. In the past few years it's been reported over and over and over again. Harvey Weinstein's gross behavior with young women is only the tip of the iceberg. Nobody is off limits including the youngest kids. And everybody knows it!

And now, in the midst of all these scandals, a film comes out to gushing acclaim by the leftist press that depicts a "romance" between a 25-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy. And the leftists in the industry are saying this is the hottest film out there and they expect it to "mop up the Oscars." 

And that is Hollywood! It's already working to tear down the next barrier and make pederasty and pedophilia great again! (You know -- like in ancient Greece.)

The 2015 documentary, An Open Secret, shows exactly how these evil pederasts work. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not. Hiding the truth is what these sexual vultures do best. They don't want anyone spoiling their orgies. You can watch the documentary for free on Vimeo (the PG version). It's not pleasant viewing to see the evil manipulation of impressionable kids by homosexual hawks using vile and very deliberate techniques for grooming and molesting children. It's a deliberate step by step process using alcohol, drugs, and porn. "You know you like it!"

Hollywood is filled with pedophiles and sex abusers. And most of these monsters are getting away with it because of silence.  So pass this post around. The best way to stop an evil is to expose it! And maybe if starry-eyed parents who let their kids get involved in acting or modeling (not such a great idea) view this, they'll at least exercise greater vigilance over their children.

Pray for kids. They are growing up in an XXX world where they are targets. The sex trade is one of the biggest industries today. I think I'll stop putting pictures of my grandchildren on the internet. Who knows what monsters are watching?

Here's the trailer for the documentary.

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