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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Latest on the Roy Moore Smear Campaign: More Corrupt by the Minute!

Trump says 'get out and vote for Roy Moore' at Pensacola rally
Trump says, "Vote for Roy Moore....We can't
afford...a liberal Democrat completely controlled
by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 
While the mainstream media continues to aid and abet the smear against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, more signs of corruption from his enemies is exposed. Here are a few of the latest:
  • Report: Never Trump Ex-Jeb Bush Staffer Admits Planting Anti-Roy Moore Story in Washington Post   Summary - Tim Miller, a "never Trump" Republican activist, appears to have pitched the story to WAPO and to have "worked with" one of the feminists on the story, Beth Reinhard. Text messages between Miller and Charles Johnson of congratulating Miller on his successful attack on Moore testify against Miller's insistence that he had no role in pitching the story.... (Interesting that we are expected to accept his denial, but Roy Moore's denials just prove he's the bad guy he's accused of being.) Miller has consistently opposed any Republican who either supports Trump or is a populist fighting against the "swamp" in Washington. Read the full article. This type of corrupt smear is the modus operandi for these Machiavellian politicians and their cronies. In other words, according to Webster, their "principles and conduct" are "marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith." 
Well, if that isn't enough to convince you that Moore's claim about the collusion between the Republican elitists (who know what's good for all of us) and the Democrat liars, try this on for size.
Beverly Nelsom, one of the main accusers of Moore who claims he attempted to rape her has admitted she lied about the yearbook:
Oh, she still claims he signed it, but that she only added "notes" at the end to remind her of the who, what, and where. I guess she only just "remembered" that fact since she certainly didn't mention it during the tear-jerker press conference with buddy Gloria Allred holding her hand. But, hey, you can believe everything else she says because she's the sincerest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch and, you know, women never lie about these things. (Tell that to men jailed on false rape charges.)

Interesting how many people don't believe her including an old boyfriend she was dating at the time...and her own stepson. And so many of the details of her story don't make sense -- her claim that he locked the door so she couldn't get out, for example. Back then, all you had to do to unlock your door was to lift the door handle. And then she said her boyfriend arrived to pick her up. Now...let's get this straight, you accept a ride home from someone when your boyfriend is coming to pick you up?

I don't know whether any of the stories coming out about Roy Moore are true, except the fact that he dated older teenagers which he says he did. Whether you think a 30 something dating an 18 or 19 year old is appropriate, it's no crime. (If you are a Jane Austen fan, you should recognize this used to be common - See Emma and Pride and Prejudice -- and, in fact, tradition tells us Joseph was significantly older than Mary. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with an older man courting and marrying a younger woman no matter how distasteful you find it personally.) 

Mt. Trashmore, the "moral high ground" where
Democrats and Republican elitists join hands to
conspire against candidates they can't control.
There is so much fishy about the Roy Moore attacks that I prefer to believe he's who he (and many others) say he is -- a godly man who over and over has risked his career to defend the faith of our fathers. Until there's real proof from credible witnesses (Nelson and Corfman need not apply) I'll believe Roy Moore and pray he's elected next Tuesday. And just think of the hue and cry that will come from the likes of Mitch McConnell and his pack of baying hounds, not to mention the Democrats who have tolerated and enabled rapist and gropers like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, etc. ad nauseum. It warms the heart to think of it. They are never too embarrassed to climb their own personal Mount Trashmore to what they consider to be the moral high ground.

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Chriss Rainey said...

Something I think people forget is that 40 years ago teenage girls got married right after high school. College campuses had "married dorms" for young couples still in their teens who were married.

Now they are discouraged from marrying so they just fornicate with one after another after another.

The only reason why kids under 16 should not marry is not that they are incapable of commitment but for the fact they are too young to drive a car, get a job, and support a child. Look at all the WWII teenage soldiers who married their high school sweethearts before shipping off to war. My own parents were one of those couples He was 17 and she was "going on" 16.

The idea that Roy Moore is a child predator/molester is ludicrous. I cant wait for him to win on Tuesday. God bless the people in AL with the good sense to see through this charade against him.