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Monday, December 11, 2017

Time Out for Christmas Cookie Baking: Make Them Tasty Teaching Tools!

Remember those empty tomb cookies moms make at Easter? (I never have; maybe this Easter I will.) But what better season for baking Scripture lessons in a cookie than Christmas. Check out "Follow the Star" cookies at my Gramma blog. 

They are little wise men crowns in the center of a spice cookie with the Star of Bethlehem piped around the "hat". I am using them to tell my grandchildren about the three kings and then sing them We Three Kings of Orient Are. Then there are all the other Christmas treats that speak of the Scripture: candy canes like the shepherds crooks (bishops' crozier) colored red for suffering and white for purity, etc. Celebrate the season with symbols of the faith to enrich your children's understanding and create memories and traditions.

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