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Monday, September 14, 2020

Fr. Robert Altier on the Coronavirus: We Have Been Lied To!


They've lied to us big time!
And Father doesn't even cover all the lies. When will we hear the truth about the treatment for the Wuhan virus that saves lives -- HCQ, zinc, and antibiotics

From the beginning of this, I've almost never masked (except when I was at the hospital with my husband), I told our kids to come visit anytime as long as no one has any symptoms, I've hosted a rosary lunch for a group of friends twice a month, and have been to church almost every day since the beginning of the insanity in March. 

The insane fear and panic is ridiculous. Exercise the same reasonable caution you do at any other time of the year when seasonal flu is around. Do what you can to build up your immune system naturally. If you start to have symptoms, ask your doctor for the Zelenko protocol early on. And trust in God. No one can die without God allowing it. He is the author of life and death no Anthony Fauci!

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Dad29 said...

That lady Chinese PhD researcher claims to have evidence that it IS a ChiCom bio-weapon. We won't be surprised, but we haven't seen the goods yet.