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Sunday, July 26, 2020

No Lives Matter! Liberals Hate Trump So Much, They Are Willing to Kill People!

Democrats killed thousands to get back at Trump

Hydroxychoroquine used early in the Wuhan virus with companion medications saves lives!  But once Trump supported its use, the Trump haters did everything they could to discredit it. Liberals don't mind killing people if it can advance their narrative. And that's what they did to stick it to the president and make sure his support for HCQ was ridiculed and banned. 

No lives matter to liberals except their own! Read the article. It reports the success of using HCQ with zinc and antibiotics. You can also read Dr. Harvey Risch's article in Newsweek. 

Folks, if you start getting symptoms of the virus, ask your doctor to follow the Zelenko protocol. Hundreds of thousands of people did not need to die from the Wuhan virus. The anti-Trumpers killed them by lying about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine treatment and only reporting studies done on populations at death's door when the drug was useless. The Zelenko protocol needs to be done early when symptoms first appear. 

We don't need masks; we need to boost our immune systems and use proven treatments when we get sick. If you aren't taking vitamin D3 you are foolish. Almost all of us are deficient. The data is showing that most of the casualties from the virus were in populations deficient in the sunshine vitamin. Talk to your doctor and when you have your annual physical ask to have your vitamin D3 level checked. It's possible to overdose on the vitamin, but it takes a lot to do that. And it wouldn't hurt to boost your vitamin C intake as well. 

We all need to be our own medical advocates. I learned that when I had cancer at age 39 and I've never stopped since. Eat right, keep moving, take a quality multi-vitamin and extra vitamin D3 and vitamin C. 

You'll still die; it's inevitable; but staying as healthy as possible as long as possible is a good goal for those working in the vineyard of the Lord. Smile and laugh a lot too. Grouchy people die quicker!


rohrbachs said...

You cannot overdose on vitamin d that you make from sunshine. And, you can store up vitamin d for the winter so get out there and catch some rays. Read mercola for more on this.

turkeyridge said...

I'm proof grouchy people live longer!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

LOL! That's just anecdotal. We'll need to do a double blind controlled study to determine whether grouchy people really live longer! But I don't believe you are since you gave my morning a cheerful chuckle!

Aqua said...

Perhaps you missed this great little 2 minute talk by a very clear-sighted Irishman that quickly, fearlessly goes to the heart of what this Covid Death Cult is really all about. I think the opposing view is best summarized in this two minute talk, by an Irishman on trial for refusing to "bend the knee".