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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Did They Put Your Loved One on Remdesivir? It was a deliberate decision to kill -- FOR MONEY!

Several of those commenting on my blog are insightful and send links that are well worth checking out. That's what Aqua did on yesterday's post, Hospital Medical Murder is Real! Read about What they Did to Grace Schara. Many hospitals and their staffs have become paid assassins, hired to kill their patients instead of heal them. Love of money is the root of all evils. We see what it's done to Big Pharma and their allies in Big Government. 

Well, Big Hospital systems have now shifted from doing what benefits patients to doing what benefits their bottom line. Have all medical care givers abandoned the Hippocratic Oath and the ethics of putting patients first? Of course not. But many have. And think about the medical students in the pipeline now. They have grown up in the culture of death where everything is relative and life is cheap. Some people are considered untermenschen and disposable like the babies in the womb. And the elderly are often considered "useless eaters." When you start labeling people "vegetables," the next step is pulling them out by the roots. Hence the quick killing of the young for their organs and the old who are considered weeds taking up too much room.

Hospital murder is real and highly profitable. But in order to achieve the objective, informed consent has to go out the window. Read this article and then fill out a medical directive that protects your life. This one is from Dr. Paul Byrne. offers others. Will the hospital and the doctors respect these documents? Maybe not, but if enough lawsuits are successful against both hospitals and staff, maybe they will think twice before ignoring patients' wishes. Grace Schara's father is suing the hospital and the medical staff who killed his daughter. Pray for the success of his lawsuits.

Now here's he article:

Whatever Happened to Informed Consent? 
Here’s what never happened in the hospital during COVID: a doctor sat down next to a patient and said, “You have a choice. We can give you Remdesivir, which killed 53 percent of the patients in an Ebola trial. It was so bad the trial had to be shut down. And you’ll notice here in Remdesivir’s fact sheet, it says, ‘Not a lot of people have used Remdesivir. Serious and unexpected side effects may happen.‘ Or we can give you ivermectin, a safe and effective drug that’s been successfully used for decades, and send you home. Which do you prefer?”

The reason that conversation never happened is that it would have cost the hospital too much money. If the hospital gave you ivermectin and sent you home, the federal government paid the hospital $3,200. If the hospital gave you Remdesivir, the federal government paid the entire hospital bill, plus a 20 percent bonus. So the hospital executives’ choice was to receive $3,200 or $500,000, which was the average hospital bill. No contest. Patients were going to get Remdesivir — whether they wanted it or not.

Informed consent died a grotesque death in the hospitals during COVID, and we need an autopsy. [Read the rest....]

What we are now experiencing is genocide on a massive scale with most of the institutions of government and the private sectors of media, medicine, and educations as enablers and co-conspirators. And it's fueled by your tax dollars. 

Did They Put Your Loved One on Remdesivir? It was a deliberate decision to kill.

Watch this video about the hospital protocols and how they are using them to kill. 

You also can sign documents to help ensure your protection in the hospital. Go here.  Don't be the next victim of unethical hospitals and medical teams. These documents can literally save your life!

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