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Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Woke Culture is Erasing Native Americans!

The handsome brave of the Redskins was replaced by a (white?) Commander?

Did you ever poke an anthill? 

The ants go scurrying around carrying the eggs, looking for a place of safety. That's the same kind of activity we see from leftists who scurry around carrying their precious culture-destroying agendas far and wide. And what is part of that agenda? Erasing just about everybody. Women are being erased with men the left thinks make better women. (After all they can't experience that dreadful "disease" called pregnancy.) White men are being erased by the bigoted accusation of being "privileged" and bearers of "white supremacy." (Tell all the white people struggling in Appalachia how privileged they are!  Read Hillbilly Elegy.)

In their misguided, or should I say evil, outlook on life, any native American or black person of color (Asians are now being described as "mostly white") featured by a sports team or in an ad campaign is being exploited. Therefore, they need to be erased. We saw it with Aunt Jemima removing a beautiful black woman from their pancake mixes and syrups. (Where's Mrs. Butterworth these days? Interesting that the white grandma survives while the black auntie has disappeared.) Aunt Jemima was portrayed by several different women, and the families are not too happy at erasing their accomplishments. (See here.)

But for native Americans there was at least a double whammy. Land o' Lakes threw the pretty Indian maiden off their butter. Some people were happy; others objected to the "virtue signaling." The company went from an attractive package to a big zero.

And the redskins switched the handsome brave on the Redskins helmet for a "commander" (Hmm...another white symbol?) and a big W. One could make plenty of jokes with that letter: washouts? wimps? wackos? wannabes? what-a-wastes?

Some native Americans want the Redskins to go back, but that ain't gonna happen. Being a liberal leftist or one of their enablers means never having to say you're sorry.

Think about it. The virtue-signaling guardians of minorities are busy erasing them from major logos that honored their heritage. And they do it all in the name of compassion complete with crocodile tears and emotional speeches.  They did nothing to protect law abiding minorities in our cities from the ravages of the criminal element. They ignore black on black crime while they headline and spotlight every crime of a white on a black and hide the crimes of blacks against whites. They are liars with a playbook and an agenda!

Companies flee Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, NYC, etc. Crime-ridden Chicago is losing business headquarters like Boeing, Tyson's Food, McDonald's, Caterpillar, etc. Meanwhile department stores and groceries are fleeing major cities. 

Check out the article, THANK A DEMOCRAT: Businesses Continue to Flee Big Cities Thanks to Lawless Democrats and Rise in Violent Crime:

…Starbucks announced it would close 16 locations in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., over safety concerns. Walgreens is closing five stores in San Francisco due to rampant crime. Small businesses from Seattle to Minnesota are citing crime as the reason they’re closing their doors.

And how does that impact the law-abiding citizens in those areas? How would you like it if you had to travel miles to the grocery store and had no car? No problem for the Democrat elites and their neo-con Republican neighbors. 

Tell me again why you support one of the biggest crime families in history -- Joe Biden and company? Anyone who supports him deserves to inherit what he's done to the citizens of the inner cities. Unfortunately they won't. They'll wring their hands and describe how much Uncle Joe cares. You can, after all, "fool some of the people all of the time." The number of fools, as Ecclesiastes says, "is infinite."

Ecclesiastes 1:15-17 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition -  "The perverse are hard to be corrected, and the number of fools is infinite."


  1. For decades I bought Land O Lakes butter. Since they removed the Indian girl that butter has never been in my shopping cart again and it never will. The Washington Redskins, Aunt Jemima, the Indian girl, etc were an indication of diversity, not racism.

    I'm amazed that Gerber still has the picture of a baby on it. The baby is - gasp! - white. Will the left abort that baby?

    Soon dog and cat owners will demand pictures be removed from pet food labels saying that pets are being exploited.

  2. Agree with you on this over-the-top craziness.

    Almost as crazy as the Johnson & Johnson company (A huge producer of baby products) contributing money Planned Parenthood.
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    Come Lord Jesus !

  3. When they make me emperor I will be the most reactionary tyrant in the history of the world. Call at the box office for your passes I will have waiting for you -- there is going to be a celebratory breakfast served by restored Redskins cheerleaders and players the menu of which will include bottomless stacks of Aunt Jemima pancakes just smothered in Land O Lakes butter from boxes with the lovely lass depicted anew and Mrs Butterworth syrup should you not prefer maple. And such will be the least of my acts on gaining the throne. Poppop offers you his protection - vote for Poppop!

  4. Don't forget Uncle Ben's Rice. Not only was his face erased from the product but they even dropped the word "Uncle" to make certain he went down the memory hole. It's now just Ben's Rice.

  5. Injans are being erased same as Whites so everything can be given to Afritards.