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Monday, September 4, 2023

Letter from Jail: Will Goodman shares his experience of being jailed for defending God's least ones.

Will Goodman in cuffs for defending the lives of the innocents

Editor's note: Five rescuers remain in jail for violating the so called FACE Act at a D.C. abortion killing center in 2020. Many political prisoners have shared their experiences of being jailed for defying the tyrants in power who treat abortion like a sacred sacrament.

I met Will Goodman, the author of the letter below, several years ago when I supported one of the Red Rose Rescues in D.C. The Garland 9 event was not a Red Rose Rescue but a traditional blocking rescue where participants put themselves physically between the murderer and his victims which is why the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act - FACE - came into play. I was impressed at the time with Will's tremendous love for the babies and his desire to save their mothers from a lifetime of guilt and grief. A true gentleman, he is a model of manly strength and sacrifice! His letter is truly one that should be among other famous "letters from prison." It is short but filled with courage and faith. God bless him and the others who remain in jail and will likely receive draconian punishment when they return to court for sentencing. This is "justice" in today's system where murderers, looters, and rapists often receive a slap on the wrist, while those who try to stop the murder of little ones in the womb are prosecuted and jailed. Call it the Gulag because that's what it is!

The Letter:

I am blessed to have a narrow 2 inch long window by which to see the blue sky. Deo gratias.

It's labor day weekend and it seems I am right where God wants me to be, even if it's not so much where I wanted to be. In some ways a jail cell is like a womb in that it is a place of confinement, hope and waiting. You are in the dark regarding all that's happening in the world. Far away from the action. But you are close to God ...despite the times of feeling alone. It can be a place of life and growth. It may sound strange, but in some ways I feel closer to my persecuted preborn sisters and brothers here than almost anywhere (save maybe for in a church during the Liturgy or inside a fully operational killing facility). The jail retreat makes you feel invisible to the world. Helpless and absent. Separated. Muted. It makes me mourn the many tens of thousands of little ones who die alone. And helpless. And separated. Their tiny cries muted. Dying at abortion chambers where all humanity is utterly absent. These heavy thoughts haunt me constantly here. I am heartbroken over how tragically alone God's children are inside these killing facilities. :( And yet, I am more convinced as ever for the need of rescue and this particular gift of self - which one offers to the perishing - as also a personal presence of peace and conscience to the parents at the last moment. Rescue is a truthful witness of love, before love comes too late, with the hope that love will conquer selfishness and fear. It is also a witness of nonviolence in a place of awful violence. A witness to hope in the gallows of despair. Rescuers seek to join Christ the Divine Rescuer Who is the Light of Hope. I suppose there's a certain fittingness for rescuers to be incarcerated over Labor Day weekend. A witness of good against evil is our labor. And our small gift of loving reparation.


  1. Not sure why you are calling these "The Garland 9" vs. "The Biden 9" - as Harry Truman said, "the buck stops here" -- at the desk of the president who appointed Garland. People do speak of Himmler's SS/Gestapo - but consider the boss of Himmler, Hitler, ultimately responsible.

    I strongly believe that what they are doing is right and that it could aid in stopping these 'businesses.' I was surprised by the lack of comments at your original post of their incarceration. And yet I feel a great distance from this writer: "I am blessed...It may sound strange, but in some ways I feel closer to my persecuted preborn sisters and brothers here than almost anywhere (save maybe for in A CHURCH during THE LITURGY or inside a fully operational killing facility)...Rescuers seek to JOIN CHRIST the Divine Rescuer Who is the Light of Hope"

    Surely the writer knows that our entire society is a fully operational killing facility as not only are many birth control drugs/devices abortificacients, but also actual abortificacients (morning after pills etc.) are sold on college campuses from vending machines and available in every drug store. Also seems indoctrinated in different Catholic terminology than I was--I've heard of follow Christ; unite myself w/Christ's sacrificial offering of Himself; never heard "join Christ." "The Liturgy" vs "Mass"; "I am blessed" (protestant).

  2. I'm calling them the Garland 9 because there were 9 involved in the rescue. Four more will be on trial I believe this month. It's pretty clear how they will be treated.

    The rest of your comment I find baffling. "I'm blessed" is Protestant? The beatitudes? "Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the meek, BLESSED ARE THEY WHO HUNGER AND THIRST FOR JUSTICE?"

    I love these dear, unselfish souls. We should all be willing to go to jail to protect our little brothers and sisters.

  3. Blessed be God. The Blessed Virgin Mary. When saints are beatified they are called blessed (since you refer to the beatitudes) - "Beati is the plural form, referring to those who have undergone the process of beatification; they possess the title of "Blessed" /ˈblɛsɪd/ (abbreviation "Bl.") before their names and are often referred to in English as "a Blessed" or, plurally, "Blesseds".",%2C%20plurally%2C%20%22Blesseds%22.

    protestants think everyone is a saint or they are all going to heaven because they believe. They reject the priest's/pope's blessing/maybe even their parents blessing, but run around telling everyone how blessed they are w/this and that -- like a window vs w/humility. I was never taught to refer to myself as "blessed" for having this or that blessing. My only experience w/it is protestant televangelism/protestants.

    Also, 1st question was GARLAND 9 vs BIDEN 9? Doesn't the Attorney General work for the President?