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Friday, September 22, 2023

Will the Virginia General Assembly become an X-rated body of Deviants?

We already have transgender Dan(ica) Roem who ran with campaign ads about how he puts on his makeup to play dress-up. He beat out long-time pro-life hero Bob Marshall, known as the "conscience of the house." Roem is running for state senate after moving to a home that encompasses both his present legislative district and the new 30th senate district that encompasses Manassas and Manassas Park. The man is flush with cash because he has garnered national support from the trans community and the Democrat party that wants Virginia so badly. God help us, he may win and move up the legislative ladder.

And now we have the looming possibility of porn star, Susanna Gibson. She "performed sex acts on camera for money on a public website" and is running in Virginia's 57th house district. 

What role model sfor our children, eh? You too can grow up to be a man in a dsress or a promiscuous porn star who enthusiastically advocates murdering children and still serve in the Virginia General Assembly! What a thought!

The 57th district covers an odd-shaped area between Charlottesville and Richmond. Gibson's Republican opponent is David Owen, a homebuilder and lifelong Virginian. Unfortunately, he supports abortion up to fifteen weeks with exceptions although he calls himself pro-life. Will he listen to the pro-life message and embrace the truth that all babies in the womb deserve protection? At least there is hope with him.

Is there much hope with a nude, real-life Lady Macbeth? The thought of a lust-driven, pro-abortion, public sex performer in the House of Delegates....well....what can one say except, "Lord, please preserve us!"

Here's the email I got from the Family Foundation. Read it and shake your head that a woman with such a background can even consider winning an election is horrifying. Dan(ica) Roem illustrates that such a possibility is real and the Democrat party of lust and murder are rallying behind her just as they did to defeat pro-life hero Bob Marshall.

That is where we are in this country and the reason we are in so much trouble. We are fast becoming Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. May God help us!

Dear Patriot, 

The Radical Left has stooped to a new, shocking low.

In key target district HD-57, Leftist abortionist Susanna Gibson got outed as a porn star who sold performed sex acts on camera for money on a public website.
What was the Left’s reaction? To rally around their candidate, accuse the Republicans of “revenge porn,” and get their allies in the media to attempt to argue it “shouldn’t matter what a woman does in their bedroom.” 

We can defeat her, but we need YOUR help! Will you donate to our efforts to flip this seat? 

We shouldn’t be shocked the Left conduct themselves with such little dignity, but this a new low for even them. 

Here is the Senate Majority leader and highest-ranking Democrat in the state Louise Lucas screaming that every Democrat support her:
She also baselessly accused Governor Youngkin of controlling the Washington Post, who broke the story, in the same breath. 

The Family Foundation Action has knocked thousands of doors and made thousands of calls to voters in this district—and we plan to make thousands more. 

We’re doing everything we can to help conservative David Owen defeat this literal porn star running in this critical house seat. This seat could determine who controls the House of Delegates.

Will you help a true conservative win this seat or let it fall into the hands of an abortionist Leftist uniquely unqualified to hold public office? Donate $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, or more today and help us win this race!

Susanna Gibson, with this background, only talks about abortion. Her stated reason for RUNNING was the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

She has made this entire race about fighting for no restrictions on abortion at all.

All the while, she posted pornographic videos online as recently as September 2022—after she declared she was running! 

In her description of the videos, she said the money was “going to a good cause.” 

She also bragged about being “ethically non-monogamous”: 

Gibson: “don’t tell my husband he was the third. I would say ethically non monogamous, but I guess that three in one day was not.”

She can be heard in the videos saying “he doesn’t like sharing” her with other men, with Gibson’s husband saying, “Sometimes I have to though. She makes me.”

That doesn’t sound very “ethically non-monogamous” to me. Why does this person want abortion so badly? 

Leftist Susanna Gibson cannot be allowed to win this race. Every day, our door knockers are knocking the doors of voters, winning votes for conservative candidate David Owen. 

We have a large-scale student deployment scheduled to this district with our partners Students for Life.

These deployments typically cost around $10,000 dollars as we must pay for lodging, transportation, literature, food, and other expenses.


  1. Next furries will run for office. We'll be able to vote for cats or dogs, horses, elephants, meercats and such. Maybe hobby horsing people. That would complete the running of America by insane people - transgender people, drag queens and kings, porn stars, sex-addicted fiends, serial killers, undocumented illegal aliens, migrants, Kensington drug addicts, homeless people, etc. Once in the SACRED halls of government, totally naked or wearing their various identity clothing, they would make America the hell their minds live in.

    Face it. Normal people are taboo.

  2. This just proves being prolife rather than antiabortion was a mistake all along; should have made a law long ago that not only women who seek abortions but women who speak in favor of abortion get put to death; and then this woman would not even be alive to run for office.

  3. Do you write for the Babylon Bee, Tyrone? And what should be done to the men who bully women into having abortions? And the abortionists? I wonder how many abortions the woman taken in adultery had before she met Jesus and repented.

    1. You mean black men. They should have been sent back to Africa at the end of the civil war.

    2. Read some modern scholarship; the woman taken in adultery passage is an interpolation. Feminists corrupted the Bible so they could commit adultery without any punishment.

  4. Tyrone,

    You sound like a racist and a misogynist. I think your comment about the woman taken in adultery is nonsense. Can you provide some proof to back it up? The Church has taught the same thing for my whole life, long before feminism.

  5. He's trolling you, Mary Ann.
    Ignore him.

  6. Mr Tyrone:

    Margaret Sanger, the godmother of Planned Parenthood, stated that the goal of abortion was the "extermination of the Negro race" in America. Today two out of three aborted babies in America are babies of color. Almost all the aborted babies are the babies of Christian mothers. In America Christians and people of color are forced through their tax-dollars to fund their own extermination.

    You are a murderous, racist bigot. You belong in prison.

    Turn to Christ.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  7. Mr Tyrone:
    Re: "Read some modern scholarship"

    Modern biblical scholars do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer of mankind.

    Apparently you do not either.

    Turn to Christ.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  8. Mrs. Kreitzer,

    Ms. Gibson should be opposed, but your concentration on the pr0n is misguided. The critical voting demographic to win elections is the middle and upper middle class suburban white women (and increasingly Asian women). Almost all have had the 'college experience', and many of these 'experiences' have been recorded. All of these women are sensitive to slut shaming, so they will choose solidarity with Gibson, because it could happen to them. Don't call her a "pr0n star" even though she is. Don't call her an adultress, even though she is.

    Her videos have been uploaded to some of the free pr0n sites, which they have been downloaded to many smart phones. I guarantee you her children have been shown these videos by classmates, and are being bullied. I have heard some anecdotal stories about early adolescents feeling suicidal after being bullied by being shown their mothers' videos.

    Susanna Gibson is an abusive mother. She is a terrible mother and should withdraw from the race for the sake of her children!

  9. I think the death penalty is so Christ-like. The sixth commandment states "Thou Shalt not Kill, unless it's someone that disagrees with me- they don't count". Good job Tyrone Smithers, you clearly went to Sunday school.

  10. Actually, Anonymous, the commandment is "Thou shalt not murder." If someone where about to murder your child would you not defend the little one even with lethal force if necessary?

  11. "These are The Crazy Years."
    --Robert Heinlein (himself pretty weird)

  12. FYI, Unknown,

    I don't publish salacious material whether it's about Trump, JFK, or anyone else. Take your garbage elsewhere.

  13. Hmmm.It's garbage (or revenge porn) when it's about the political candidates you support, but when it's about the candidates you oppose, they are X-rated body of deviants. What does God say about having one standard for you and your friends and another standard for others? Everything about Trump's adultery (Access Hollywood tape) and porn radio programs with his third wife and Howard Stern are recordings. The presidential adulterers are also public information. You are quick to accuse the woman taken in adultery of multiple abortions with no evidence whatsoever (Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her), but won't publish the public accusations against Trump and JFK because they are 'garbage.' I will pray for you.

  14. I wouldn't publish anything from Howard Stern, Anonymous, or Jerry Springer for that matter.

  15. Mr Anonymous:
    Re: "but won't publish the public accusations against Trump and JFK because they are 'garbage."

    OK. I will make public accusations against both Trump and JFK.

    Trump and JFK were and are 1. antiwar; 2. anti big government, 3. anti-CIA,, 5. pro-innocent life.

    It is therefore understandable that the CIA and other deep state operators murdered JFK (and RFK, MLK, President Diem and others) and stole the election from the American working class.

    BTW YOUR accusations would carry at least a little moral weight if you did not hide behind the handle "anonymous". Makes you read like a coward.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  16. This post was about how someone who engages in lecherous behavior is an X rated deviant who is presumably not fit to govern. Trump and JFK are two of the biggest adulterers and lechers of the 20th century (Trump more publicly than JFK--though in D.C. during the JFK presidency everyone including reporters knew but just didn't report his multiple infidelities while his wife was at their country home in Virginia), but somehow they never pressured anyone to have an abortion either to save themselves money/reputation (it is just the woman taken in adultery (once) who have many abortions--not the powerful, wealthy men whose list of partners is as long as your arm). Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Robert Dole, and John McCain were either divorced themselves or married to a divorcee (how far we have come from the King of England having to surrender his throne if marrying a divorcee to the King of England now married to a divorcee and calling himself defender of ALL faiths)--that is PUBLIC adultery (unless you agree w/the Pharisees and Pope Francis). In addition, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, LBJ, JFK, Dwight Eisenhower, and FDR all are listed as adulterers in their biographies/public record. Joe Biden will not name as his grand child the child conceived by his son in adultery (MAK published that information, but Biden is a democrat)--the same is also true of Wm. Buckley (another great Catholic): “I intentionally make no provision herein for said Jonathan, who for all purposes . . . shall be deemed to have predeceased me,” Buckley’s will states."

    It is not only Judith Exner (Catholic) who states JFK asked and paid for her abortion, Mimi Alford, a 19 year old intern at the White House (just like Monica Lewinsky) was immediately put in touch with an abortionist when she told him her period was late.

  17. Ms Anonymous:

    I assume you are a female because you gossip like an old woman. Your stated source for gossip is the NY Post. A paper known for its salacious and unverifiable stories. Again your accusations would carry at least a little moral weight if you did not hide behind a handle. Makes you read like a coward.

    What is verifiable. What is not gossip is this. In a day and in an age where innocent human life means nothing to the elites (and apparently nothing to you too) Trump and JFK were and are antiwar; pro-family and pro-innocent life.

    This defense of innocent life is no small thing. Indeed it is a triumph of courage.

    You should try a little courage.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  18. Mr. Comerford, You make my point which is that if subject of this MAK post were a "pro-lifer" then the "Washington Post" would be the "Compost" reporting garbage/lies that MAK wouldn't publish. Unfortunately, it is pretty silly to ridicule Democrats for doing the same thing that you do--which is to defend your candidate however outrageous/sinful/offensive to God their conduct and accuse the other side and the press of spreading lies/gossip/rumor. Our Lady told Jacinta, "More souls go to hell because of sins of impurity more than any other." Anyone can say they are pro-family, but when you are treating your own wife and the mother of your children like dirt and the wives of others like sex objects created to gratify your lust (and then bragging about it like Trump in the Access Hollywood TAPES (recording of his own words)), your example contradicts your speech and unfortunately, actions speak louder than words. Bill Clinton said the politician who most influenced him was JFK; same was probably true of Gary Hart, John Edwards and Al Gore. If these men are anti-war it could be because they seek their pleasure in this life [not sure how you feel about JFK bragging he won the missile crisis when what he really did was trade U.S. missiles in Iran for Russian missiles in Cuba (i.e. LIED to U.S. people). JFK while maybe being anti-war also tried to assassinate Castro and presided over assassinations of Lumumba and Diem--more dishonest chicanery rather than declaring war.] It is hard to know how you believe they are pro INNOCENT life when both men did all they could to corrupt numerous innocent women (Trump is a denizen of the Lolita express) to gratify their lust and young men by their example and glorification of the playboy life--and again their example of adultery/fornication which leads to pregnancy and then abortion is not pro-life whatever their public 'words' (and Trump doesn't deny it, he simply refuses to answer the question whether or not he has paid for abortion of his own children). You may think you are pleasing God by defending/holding up these men as "triumphs of courage" [when is Trump going to pardon the J6ers still rotting in jail going on four years and some sentenced to 18 and 22 years; when is he going to fire Fauci and declare can't be fired or excluded from school/college for not taking experimental 'vaccine'?], but just like we see the biases/prejudice of Democrats for their candidates, they see the same in us Republicans/pro-lifers. The Bible says if you don't let the person know about their sins, you will be held accountable. If you want to be held accountable for the sins of JFK and Trump, that's your choice, but most people who listen to you (like your children) will just think you are a hypocrite and will twist/spin the truth any which way to defend yourself (your candidate).

  19. Just curious.

    How is Trump supposed to "fire Fauci" or "free the J6 prisoners?" This makes me wonder if this comment is from a real person or an AI bot.

    Hello! Trump is no longer president and can't do either of these things. By the time the persecution of the J6 was in full monty mode, Trump was long gone from the White House.

  20. Here is the full list of pardons Trump granted. You can see for yourself who was pardoned on January 13 and 19th 2021 (as well as December 20, 2020); he could have pardoned all January 6ers on either the 13th or 19th or any time from the 6th until he left office. January 6th was in full monty mode the day it happened. Trump could have fired Fauci at any time while he was president especially after it became clear that our own government in violation of the law was doing gain of function virus research. I assumed Mr. Comerford was indicating that Trump and JFK were triumphs of courage during their presidencies.

    All his political cronies were pardoned and Flynn was given a 'pre-emptive pardon' so same could have been done for J6ers who were in DC at his invitation:

    "Among the pardons Trump had issued before this week, Flynn’s stood out as especially unusual. It did not just cover the crime for which he was charged and to which he (initially) pleaded guilty. Instead, it was partly a preemptive pardon, trying to also immunize conduct that hadn’t even been charged by prosecutors. (Among other things, the pardon covered “any and all possible offenses arising out of facts and circumstances known to, identified by, or in any manner related to” the Mueller investigation.)"

  21. Miss Anonymous
    Re: "[when is Trump going to pardon the J6ers still rotting in jail going on four years and some sentenced to 18 and 22 years; when is he going to fire Fauci and declare can't be fired or excluded from school/college for not taking experimental 'vaccine'?],"

    When? How can he? Trump is not in power.

    Hatred for Trump is no excuse for not thinking.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  22. Miss Anonymous
    Re: "he could have pardoned all January 6ers on either the 13th or 19th or any time from the 6th until he left office."

    How many J6ers were arrested, went to trial, were convicted and sentenced before Trump left office?


    Trump cannot pardon someone if no crime has been committed.

    Your unrelenting hatred of Trump is all too obvious.

    Stop hating and find some courage.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford