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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Hospital Medical Murder is Real! Read about What they Did to Grace Schara.

Doctors and nurses are following orders to murder patients. That's what happened at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Appleton Wisconsin.

Grace was illegally declared DNR without her or her parents' consent. Then she was given heavy duty drugs to suppress her breathing and kill her. There was no informed consent. The parents were lied to by the doctors. There was clear intent to kill this young woman who had Down Syndrome. 


  1. Thanks for this very important article and the links. I’m in the process of processing them.

    My experience with a family member, recently, is similar to no that sung about by The Eagles in The Hotel California:

    “ … Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    "Relax, " said the night man
    "We are programmed to receive
    You can check-out any time you like
    But you can never leave!"

    The hospital is a bureaucratic blob. The patient and their loved ones are nothing more to “it” than revenue streams with faces and irritating emotions and never-ending questions and needs, distractions to “its” business model, inefficiencies to their business of doing what “it” needs to do (make money in the most efficient way possible).

    I pointed out on another thread the importance of determining the intent of a person or thing to know what it truly is (the name “Catholic” can mean very different things depending on the person). In this case - hospital. We picture a place where healing is performed by selfless professionals who give of themselves for the sake of the physical restoration of the suffering. The reality, in our day, is (generally) a place where sociopaths maximize their profits and personal wealth by using the needs of the suffering to maximize cash flow and minimize effort (healing).

    I have seen this first-hand. My loved one was wheeled away into the maw of the Beast by a Doctor in a white coat after which my control over and connection to my loved one was rendered null by the bureaucratic blob. They did what they did, and my views and desires, to the extent I could get them to listen, simply disappeared into the blob. And whatever it was they did, every day until the end was a decline from the previous day.

    Stay away from hospitals as if your life depends on it.

  2. Not patients anymore. Customers. It's printed on local hospital buses. Stay away. Many alternative health care people died suddenly, mysteriously well before Covid.

  3. Adding to what Aqua just said. Two years ago, I went to my University of Pennsylvania doctor for a "physical exam." I put physical exam in sarcastic quotes for a reason. The so-called exam was this doctor arguing with me about why I would not get a covidism shot. I was having none of it and had an answer for every Fauci reason why he tossed at me - which clearly frustrated him. I left there without them even checking my temperature which, I think, is the most important vital sign. They didn't weigh me either.

    The following year, I reluctantly went back and was prepared for another fight. Same doctor and this time, he opens up by telling me I need to get a shingles shot. Absolutely not I responded and then he looked at my files, rolled his eyes at me and said, "oh yeah, that's right." He then had the stones to ask me if I was suffering from depression and it was at that point that I snapped at him.

    Covidism, the shingles shot (don't do it: it's tainted with the blood of the innocents) and anti-depressant medications all have big CPT codes attached and are therefore, very profitable for the hospital systems. That comes first and your health be damned.

    To echo Aqua's final point: Stay away from hospitals and doctors enslaved to large hospital systems.

    1. Andrew Dunn - I had a relatively minor injury, stabilized by Emergency techs, now I was in the office of a specialist for my treatment plan to ensure my injury didn’t turn into a permanent disfigurement.

      I’m sitting in the room, across from this highly credentialed man, my injured limb on the table between us, and we are having ourselves a heated and extended political debate about the efficacy of Covid shots. And while our mouths are moving, words passing back and forth, in my mind I found myself marveling at the insanity of what we are doing in this place of supposed peace, safety, healing.

      I still marvel. I see the spirit of that completely inappropriate conversation, the invasion of my autonomous human rights, inflicted on me by my physician, all around me.

      While my story (and yours) is minor compared to this poor family and their precious daughter - taken from them by force by similarly minded technicians, it’s the same spirit. All we can do is learn, and be better prepared next time.

  4. October 13th, may Our Lady of Fatima provide comfort for her family, and may we all pray for the conversation of souls, particularly the doctors/nurses/administrators in this case.

  5. This article made my blood boil … I can vouch from experience - it’s all true.

    Be very, very wary before you check in to the hospital hotel. It is not good.

  6. As an RN I have had MDs ignore the consent form I handed them. I would prep the patient and give them an overview. When the MD came to the room, I explained that the patient is waiting for the MD explanation before signing the consent form. (Some thanked me.) I always said it cheerfully but I had no intention of taking part in any procedure without the patient's consent.

    I have not been working as a RN for the past couple of years (covid years) but I have my licenses and I assist family and friends who request help with the medical system.

    1. Private skills, in the future, practically useful skills are going to be very valuable - mostly in terms of family relations, but also in money (I’d pay my favorite PA Sister In Law good money for her treatment advice, which she willingly gives away for free to those she lives).

      It’s not just Nursing (who cares about credentialed Physicians), it’s all the trades. White collar college jobs? … meh 🫤!