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Monday, September 4, 2023

Principles of The Ice Man vs Abortionist Cesare Santangelo

Parke-Davis' 1960 "Baby in a Womb"
Advertisement for Tabron

Two weeks ago while browsing at an antique market I spotted a pewter model of an unborn baby which turned out to be Parke-Davis' 1960 advertisement for Tabron, an iron supplement to help women through pregnancy. The Catholic seller gave me a good price saying he wanted it to be with a pro-life person.

It's an amazing sculpture weighing 2 pounds and is highly realistic. Looking at it, no one on the face of the earth could deny the baby's humanity. This is definitely a human person. This is not a clump of cells, not a non-human "thing". This is a living human being developing through the first nine months of life in what should be the safest place - his or her mother's womb.

This baby is about to be born. The sculpture is upside down mainly for viewing purposes, but by turning it with the cervix at the bottom we can see the baby's head positioned ready to be born. It's precisely at this stage of life that a human person can be murdered. Legally. Protected by law. An abortionist such as Cesare Santangelo cuts the baby's umbilical cord (maybe) then stabs a knife into the child's brain after which the abortion contract serial killer mutilates and disembowels his victim, methodically carving him or her up into little pieces. After that, the pieces of human body parts are either burned or gathered up, put on ice or in a jar and sold to hospitals or research centers.

I just finished reading Philip Carlo's The Ice Man; Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer. Incredibly well-written, it's the story of Richard Kuklinski (1935-2006) the main contract killer for all 7 mobs in New Jersey and NYC in the 70s and 80s. He shot, knifed, machine-gunned and poisoned people to death. He killed at the drop of a hat if anyone was so much as rude to him. He mutilated people, dropped bodies - living or dead - down mines, fed living people to rats in a cave in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he filmed hundreds of rats descending upon and eating his victims until they died. He was the person who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Was paid $40,000 for that hit. If you want to know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, it's described in detail on pages 188-190. Kuklinski was a brutal killer with no conscience.

Yet Kuklinski loved his wife and family. He gambled but didn't do drugs, and he never cheated on his wife. He did beat her at times, but never the children. He was a Catholic while stating he "didn't believe any of it", was an usher at Mass, and loved being at home cooking barbeque for his children and their friends around the swimming pool. His family never wanted for anything, of course, since he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year killing people for various mobs. His family had no idea who their husband and father was until his arrest in 1986.

He said many times that he would not, did not, would never kill women or children. Only men. If a member of the mob wanted his wife killed, Richard would state, "You know I don't do that." If a mobster wanted the wife and child murdered Richard would categorize that man as "needing to die" and eventually, as mob intrigues go, he'd do the deed either on his own or by contract. 

When his older daughter was a little girl and frequently in the hospital with kidney problems, Richard would buy dolls and toys and candy for the other children in the ward. One time a dying child of poor parents had her television cut off by the hospital since the parents weren't able to afford the cost. Richard was outraged and ordered the hospital to turn the TV back on and paid for everything. Oftentimes he paid for medical procedures and medication children needed that their parents couldn't afford.

This book is a fascinating insight into the mind of a cold blooded killer. He always wondered why he was different from other people: was he born that way or was he made that way by his parents? His father had killed one of Richard's brothers by hitting him and Kulkinsi often said that his mother, whom he hated for being an unpure woman, raised two killers - him and his brother Joe.

So we all think, "Yikes! There's a person who definitely went to hell!" Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. We're not the judges of his soul. The people who interviewed him in prison said he was a gentleman, very likeable and funny. Others were terrified and gave him a wide berth.

But one thing is clear - expert killer Richard Kuklinski would never have been a serial killer abortionist poisoning, stabbing, mutilating, murdering children in their mother's womb.

In 1975 he may have killed Jimmy Hoffa in Detroit knocking him out first with a jawbreaker, then positioning a hunting knife "just at the base of the skull, slanted it upward, and with his unusual strength, thrust the knife directly into Hoffa's brain. The man shook violently, became still; his last breath came as a rattle. There was little blood since the knife was left in the brain." What was done with Hoffa's body after that and where it is today (not where we thought) is described in vivid detail in Philip Carlo's book. 

But Richard would never ever have killed an innocent child in his or her mother's womb by the same method he killed Hoffa - which is the very same method abortionists use...stabbing the baby at the base of his or her skull, then quickly slanting the surgical knife upwards into the brain until the child is dead, then chopping it to pieces. Legally! This is legal contract murder in America! It's legal in the US to be a contract serial killer as long as the people murdered look like the person in the above picture.

Abortionists like Cesare Santangelo in Washington, DC, having no principles at all, are brutal contract killers, legally murdering and butchering more babies in one month than Richard Kuklinski, killing only men, ever did in two or three years.

That's because Richard Kuklinski, killer extrodinaire, never killing women or children, had principles.


  1. The mob killer and the abortionist are the same. Don't fall for any promises of "mafia honor" - the mafia and it's killers were never honourable, as proven by Rudy Giuliani (once he applied the pressure, these leeches were whacking and betraying each other like no tomorrow). Leading such a double life was not honourable; in fact, the abortionist is more honest because he doesn't pretend at all that he has "standards" or "honor" or "faith". Both of them are rabid killers and menaces upon society. To the victim, it makes no difference if an abortionist carved them up or a mob dog in human form whacked them with a bomb or poison. And how many did this killer torture? Enforcers and killers double-up for that sort of activity...

    I'm sorry for the strong language, but the very concept of some mob member that pretends to have "standards" is very infuriating. The Muscovite and Ukrainian post-Soviet mafia - the one that tortured businessmen with clothing irons or battery acid, that blew up directors of markets and their rivals in the streets and inspired such fear that even the police did not dare to move against them in 90's and early 2000's - also pretended to have "standards" and used Orthodox symbology. Yet, they were nothing but monsters, rabid killers and betrayers for money and power. This "Ice Man" mafioso is the same. He play-acted at honor; the "don't kill women and children" is just pragmatism borne of the cowardice of a betrayer in the night. It is solely to avoid the police and the people, who would retaliate more strongly and make the mafioso a top priority in case of him killing women and children. Muscovite and Ukrainian mafia didn't do that sort of thing (they whacked everyone who stood in their way), so, eventually, the militsiya made some arrests and they aren't as open and impudent today as they were.

  2. Sviatoslav,
    Nowhere was "mafia honor" mentioned in the article. Nor were "standards" mentioned Catholicism was mentioned in that Kuklinski said he "didn't believe any of it." So for you to hint that I thought Kuklinski had "standards, or honor or faith" seems to be provocatively dishonest on your part.

    First, Kulkinski was not a member of any mob. Since he wasn't Italian, but Polish, he couldn't be a made man in any Italian mafia family. The mob was Italian and they didn't let any non-Italians in. If he had been a member of any one family, another mob family couldn't hire him. He was an outsider - free-lance, if you will - that could be hired by any mob member or family.

    Second, I never said he had honor. Never stated that he was an "honorable man". I said he had principles....the principles being that the killing of women and children were forbidden in his mind for him to do.

    Third...he had no faith so why you intimated that I said he did is basically, you being dishonest....putting words in my mouth that I never said.

    In addition, you always bring every conversation around to Russia and Ukraine. Please stay on topic. This has nothing, nada, niente to do with Putin and Russia. Next you'll say that Putin killed Jimmy Hoffa!

  3. Susan,

    The whole "not killing women or children" is an oft-tauted mafia "standard". I merely showed why that isn't real and the killer is just the same as the abortionist.

    "He couldn't be a made man" - he and his employers are the same kind of scumbag, Susan. "Principles" are fake. The only reason why he had them was pure pragmatism, so that cops wouldn't make him a priority.

    "Around Muscovy" - I've merely brought forth my observations of the type of mob that operates in my country, as well as some comparisons. They also often said they had "principles", but each scumbag is the same betraying and torturing murderer as the next.