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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tucker Carlson is one of the Few Sane American Voices in a Cacophony of Lunacy!

Tucker in Budapest

I like to listen to Tucker Carlson because he sounds like a man with a brain and a sane outlook.  He loves our country, so he doesn't engage in the relentless "God damn America!" like the BLM/Antifa commies and Jeremiah Wright (I can't call him "Reverend.) He isn't embarrassed to talk about God. He treats others with respect instead of launching into continuos ad hominem attacks against those with whom he disagrees. He clearly loves his family and enjoys spending time with them.

Being fired by FOX appears to have been a tremendous blessing for Tucker personally, but also for his fans. I go to his X page frequently and watch many of his interviews and commentaries. Do I always agree with him? No. But I believe he is a person of good will, and that seems to be a rare breed among the rich and famous these days where people of the lie seem to be legion.

Tucker's speech in Budapest was terrific. I offer it today as a testament to sanity and common sense. He's right when he says America has changed -- and certainly not for the better. It is not the country I grew up in and I fear that we are going the way of corrupt Rome ruled by lustful tyrants who murdered members of their own families when it advanced their political agenda. I wonder how many murders are on the consciences of our modern tyrants. 

Here's Tucker in Budapest. May his tribe increase!


  1. I'm sorry, but I just don't like Tucker and I do not buy into the concept he is on our side.
    Fact 1) His meeting with Serbian government shows he is not aware that these people are for the UN and therefore global-homo. My Serbian friend tells me the orthodox Church has fought their government tooth and nail. The Serbian government is frankly ungodly..
    Besides - see how goofy Tucker is. Very embarrassingly goofy.
    Fact 2) Tucker doesn't think he's rich. He has likely had a payday of tens of millions for the past many years. Certainly is is not of the elite, but he is not living a common life.
    Look at his lie at 10:48 "I'm not rich I will never be rich I'm pretty sure of that"....
    Shortly thereafter "why would I ever lie"....
    If he can't classify himself as rich, then he is quite disillusioned.
    In this same interview he criticism the small DC community while it's clear he was part of it. Strange - he considers himself an outsider while being in the inside...
    Fact 3) His father, Dick Carlsen, was the Voice of America. Huge political & media connections. Nepotism is likely an issue, as it is in entertainment, news, and politics (all the fields that Tucker dances in)...
    I don't have time to dig deeper, but I bet there's more.
    Be cautious of this guy. I don't think he's on our side. I hope he proves me wrong.

  2. Carlson is yet another homo fake. People who are taken by him, certainly didn't research what sort of company he keeps - how he is proud of "diversity", of "animal rights" and other anti-Christian stances. He's one of the elite, a "Jerry" to their "Tom". Gotta love that Dominion lawsuit; the emails retrieved paint Tucker as a "Never-Trumper", just like the rest of the elite. Carlson even promoted that Communist rally in Washington, showing where his real allegiance lies.

  3. Mr. TuNeCedeMalisPJS
    "he is on our side"

    Mr Carlson is anti-war, anti-abortion and anti-establishment. This is why he was fired from Fox.

    Perhaps it is you who is not "on our side"?

    Kindly reflect.

    Richard W Comerford

  4. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: "Carlson is yet another homo fake".

    What evidence do you have that Mr Carlson is a homosexual? However there is overwhelming evidence that Carlson is anti-war. While you have demonstrated that you are fanatically pro-war.

    Perhaps that this, Carlson's pro-peace stance, is the reason for your school yard language?

    Kindly reflect.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  5. Richard,

    "Anti-war" - pro-Muscovy, you mean. It's an indicator that America is being successfully conquered by Communists - already, a faction of you Americans are trained to see a variant of Fascism as "not-so-bad" and even desirable. Soon, in about 10 years, you will see the likes of Tucker crow about how China has a better system and you'll be pro-China by then, too. And of course I'm not on the side of Commie traitors to God and America) After all, your "side" was waving placards of "Hitler didn't attack us", "Assisting Britain is just prolonging the war", "American baby-killers go home" (in Vietnam and Iraq) and other "greatest hits" thorought it's history. So, now, possessed by your inherent Communist anti-Americanism, you are automatically decrying the war, because the "comrades" (Muscovy and China) are slated to lose and you, being a pro-Commie, can't allow that.

    "What evidence you have" - I said that Carlson was pro-homosexual. It isn't surprising; he was proud of hosting homosexuals and even tried to "separate" the "conservative homosexuals" (hah!) from "groomers" (as if they all weren't equally anti-God). Face it, you've been had by a TV persona. Real Tucker couldn't give a rat's behind about the people he has nothing in common with. Look up where he lives. It ain't in a trailer or a small town. "Jerry" here lives right there with the "Toms" in those liberal city enclaves with gates and guards.

    "Fired" - he was fired because Dominion lawsuit dug up his real e-mails and all the acting that he done (gee, you'd think Americans would know what an actor is - that a TV persona can be 180 degrees different from actual persona). It's all in the link. This isn't like the situation with Glenn Beck, who was fired for exposing Soros.

  6. Mr Sviatoslav:

    So you have absolutely no evidence that Mr Carlson is a homosexual as you stated above?

    You do your cause no good by making wild and unsubstantiated claims.

    Meanwhile Ukraine and Russian Slavic boys continue to die while you anonymously attack a peace maker.

    Kindly reflect.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford