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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Medical Murder! Why did they kill Sr. Phillip Marie Burke, CPPS

It's important to recognize that end of life care has now become another path to murder. The latest assault is PCHETA which enlists an entire team of death dealers to convince patients to refuse even ordinary means to preserve life. [See Have you heard of PCHETA?] Many people today are being starved and dehydrated to death.

Notice how Sister suspected they were giving her more drugs. That's what happens. First they drug patients into incompetence. Then they use the supposed incompetence to justify starvation and dehydration. 

My mom and dad both died at home from terminal cancer. My mom lived with my husband and myself the last four months of her life. My dear husband treated her like a queen. We had a Hospice drug pack, but hardly used anything in it. I gave my mom a morphine patch once for pain. It gave her terrible nightmares and hallucinations. We never used morphine again. She was awake and aware up to the day before she died. 

If you possibly can, keep your loved ones at home. Many facilities today are oriented toward giving patients a quick exit, i.e., deliberately hastening their death either by dehydration or by increasing drugs that suppress breathing.

I fight this evil, but will not panic about my own possible end. Remember what Thomas More said to his executioner. "You send me to God." In the end, God will right all the evils inflicted on us in this world. Jesus told us not to fear those who can kill the body but only the One who can cast the soul into Gehenna. Many of these "caregivers" will be in serious trouble on judgment day. Let us pray for their conversion. If Bernard Nathanson could convert after murdering thousands of babies in the womb, these killers also can repent and be saved.

May God preserve and protect us from evil.


  1. Shocking ,was she denied the Last Rites ?

  2. Well said.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford


  3. This is horrific. I think this and abortion is why we are being turned over to alphabet soup. The other nightmare are "Guardianships". The declare someone incompetent, make the a nursing home prisoner and the "Guardian" gets control of the assets.

    BTW high demand fr in home compassionate caregivers.


  4. How May we contribute to the documentary Sister Dede wants to make about this incident?

  5. Euthanasia Movie
    3620 15th St NE
    Washington, DC 20017

    Michael Hichborn did an interview with Sr. Dede. The link is: