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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Democratic Senators Did It! Now It's Time for Payback Starting with Harry Reid!

The months of debate over the federal government takeover of health care resulted in last night's Senate debacle of a partisan power grab by the Democrats. Not a single Republican voted for the monstrosity for good reason. It supports abortion, contains massive payoffs, punishes health care professionals, and will mean rationing and reduced care for millions especially the elderly. This is no "reform" but business as usual for the elitists in Washington, D.C.

That Ben Nelson caved in after being promised a big Christmas stocking full of goodies shows exactly how corrupt the process is. He and Mary Landrieu are the poster children for how to succeed on Capitol Hill. Hold out for the big bribe. All the Dems who got nothing, know that next time they should refuse to cooperate until the bribe machine ponies up bigtime in payment for their votes.

It's time for taxpayers to kick the bums out. Every single Democrat who voted for this tax and spend power grab needs to be sent home starting with corrupt senator-in-chief, Harry Reid.


Anonymous said...

To defeat Harry Reid, you need someone to beat him.

Danny Tarkanian is the leading Republican candidate. Poll after poll has him beating Reid by several points in a head-to-head match up. (Rasmussen, Mason Dixon, Las Vegas Review Journal)

Donate to Danny Tarkanian at

anonymous ex democrat said...

My contacts in Nevada tell me that Reid is in big trouble. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.