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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful....Must be Global Warming!

All I can think about today is snow. Lots of it! It reminds me of the snow scene in Dr. Zhivago. This is the closest we'll ever get to a Russian winter, I expect. Where's global warming when you need it?

When we got up this morning we had close to a foot already and it's supposed to snow all day and into the early evening. We will definitely have a white Christmas because this isn't going anywhere soon. Opening the doors is a challenge even where they are in semi-protected areas.

Fortunately, there's a four wheel drive Yukon in the garage (I know, I know, Al Gore wouldn't approve.) so hopefully we will make it out to Mass tomorrow. But even that is a big question mark since our driveway is about 100 feet long and I expect the snow plows will do a number on the end of it requiring a serious dig out.

Larry tried pushing the snow with our John Deere tractor which is equipped with a small snow plow, but it was a hopeless task. We need a scoop and dump truck for this amount of white stuff.

So we are officially snowed in (Better than being snowed out. Back in 2003 when we had two back-to-back storms with about 18 inches of snow, we were returning from a trip and couldn't get into our driveway. Fortunately, the gentleman who plows out the church lot came over and dug us in.)

What will I do as I admire the beauty outside my window? Write more Christmas cards, bake some cookies, and maybe decorate the tree. A time like this in our frenetic world is an invitation. But also a challenge for those who MUST be out in it. Pray for their safety. I'm thinking particularly of all the dear staff at the nursing home where I take Communion on Sundays. Some of them live on the other side of the mountain. May God protect all those who must travel in this winter blizzard and carry them safely to their destinations. Everybody else, have the sense to stay home and enjoy the view.

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Ray Schneider said...

Down here in Harrisonburg, the Catholic Church, Blessed Sacrament, just called off services for the weekend.