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Friday, December 18, 2009

Please Send Some Global Warming This Way

About now I'm longing for the Medieval warm period which was considerably warmer than today despite the fact that the carbon footprint of man was like Friday's footprints in the sand in Robinson Crusoe. In fact, Greenland got its name because the glacial land mass was filled with lush green meadows where Norsemen settled and farmed.

Here in Virginia I'm longing for a little global warming. We are due for a major storm tonight that may give us the biggest snowfall ever in December. Brrr. And next week the temps are supposed to be down in the teens for a frigid cold snap.

And then there's the big snowstorm in Copenhagen during the Chicken Little conference. God's sense of humor is so delightful! Oh, and has anyone noticed that all they're talking about is money? That is, after all, what the global warming scam is all about.

In the meantime, I guess we'll just have to put on more layers here and stock up on all the major necessities of life: like toilet paper and hot chocolate. It looks to be a long, cold winter.

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