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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Even in the Country Schools Aren't Safe!

I live in the country, "out in the middle of nowhere" according to my children. But it's obviously not far enough to have missed the influence of our XXX-rated culture. Several weeks ago a teenager at the local high school was assaulted by two classmates (age 16 and 17) who are facing felony charges for "attempted inanimate object sexual penetration." It happened in an unsupervised weight room after school during wrestling practice. A third student involved may be charged with assault and battery.

One of the most shocking aspects of the incident is that, while the attack occurred, about twenty other students watched but did nothing to interfere or alert a coach or teacher. But is it surprising? We've sexualized children to the degree that anything goes. Kids sext each other on their cell phones. They are barraged with pornographic movies, TV shows, print media, and advertisements. From morning to night they are immersed in sex messages. And those messages don't stop at the schoolroom door. Sex ed and homosexual ed are not only in particular programs; they are part of an integrated curriculum.

When the president's "safe schools czar" is a man involved in promoting homosexual sado-masochism as normal, why is using sex as a weapon in schools surprising?

We live in a culture where sexual violence of all stripes is on the increase. Any activity or program that normalizes sexual immorality and depravity is part of the problem.

Dear Editor:

The sexual assault at Central High School several weeks ago is appalling, but hardly surprising. The sexualization of children in the public schools has been going on since this grandmother was a young mom protesting anything-goes sex ed in Fairfax Country. Now just a generation later schools in many parts of the country have moved from telling kids how to get birth control without their parents' knowledge to promoting homosexuality in kindergarten. What's next?

Wake up, parents, - "inanimate object sexual penetration" is a staple of homosexual sex as is "fisting" and other disgusting practices.

Of course, parents could take their concerns to President Obama's "safe schools czar" Kevin Jennings. Good luck! Jennings, a "gay" activist, is the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs which are supposedly about providing "safe schools" for all students.

Jennings' history tells another story. In 2000 he was the keynote speaker at the infamous "Fistgate" Conference at Tufts University where hundreds of young teens side by side with teachers were introduced to the joys of "gay" sex including sado-masochism. In 2005 GLSEN produced the "little black book" addressing "queer life in the 21st century." I can't describe in a family newspaper the depraved contents of this booklet. See it for yourself at

This is the kind of material promoted by GLSEN which boasts 700 GSA clubs around the country. It's never been about "safe schools." It's about recruiting sexually confused kids into a lifestyle where young boys are considered "chickens" and the men who desire them are "chicken hawks." Unless parents stop deluding themselves about homosexuality and the sexualization of our children from the playpen, more episodes like the one at Central High School are inevitable.

Mary Ann Kreitzer

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Dolorosa said...

It's like living in the Twilight Zone only this is the reality.