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Monday, December 14, 2009

Global Warming: Is it Really About Population Control?

Even before Climategate, many conservatives knew there was more to the global warming scam than money. It's about control, stupid. Hey, the polar ice caps are melting and mankind is killing the planet. We gotta get those filthy little polluters before birth. Voluntary abortion isn't killing off enough of them though, so it's time for the world to adopt the Chinese final solution -- a mandatory one-child policy vigorously enforced by abortion and sterilization.

In her draconian opinion column in the Financial Post, Diane Francis, who has two children, called for world implementation of China's one-child policy so we can save the world before it's too late. Her ideas fit nicely with the U.N. de-population program. Robert Muller, a 40-year employee at the U.N. boasted at the Global Citizenship 2000 Youth Congress that the U.N. had "prevented the birth of 2 billion, 200 million people." He didn't boast about the coercion, manipulation, and violation of human rights (especially those of poor third-world nations) used to achieve this goal.

In the opinion of the population utopians the "right" number of humans for the earth is 100 to 500 million. In a world of six billion that means they want to eliminate most of the earth's population. There ain't no way to do that short of mass extermination!

It's nothing new, of course. Thomas Malthus, an 18th century Chicken Little, was trying to make a case for overpopulation based on the inability of the earth to feed its population 300 years ago. He predicted all kinds of disasters to justify state control over the individual. His prophecies were bunk! As were those of bug scientist, Paul Ehrlich, who in the 1960s published The Population Bomb with a photo of a sweet baby inside a lit time bomb. He also predicted mass starvation and other apocalyptic events. He fizzled as well, but it hasn't prevented him from continuing to wring his hands and jump on the eco-disaster bandwagon.

And now we have the climategate scam. Global warming is a manufactured crisis geared to get the world on board to accept all kinds of draconian approaches to "save the planet." It is all about empowering those who want to control mankind in one way or another. Imagine the whole world as China where the population police are at the door dragging mothers to abortion mills and forced sterilization clinics. It is particularly ironic that this is all happening at the same time the world is facing a demographic winter.

I hope most people won't fall for all this alarmism. It's not about a real threat to the planet, it's about love of power and money. Many of the elites in our culture would be delighted to eliminate the hoi poloi of the world who are messing up their favorite vacation spots (as long as there are enought to serve them).

Of course, the elite expect to remain at the top running things. (You don't think George Soros, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Oprah, and all the other rich and powerful of the planet expect to be among those considered excess population do you?) The population control gang may be in for a surprise if they ever actually achieve the ends they're working toward. The devil has a way of turning against his useful dupes. Read The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe or Gounod's opera, Faust. Playing God is a dangerous proposition.

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