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Monday, December 14, 2009

In Defense of Santa Claus

One of my favorite bloggers (my daughter Alice) wrote a wonderful post in defense of Santa Claus. Bravo! I love it. Santa brings us to the crib and kneels with us at the manger. As one wonderful Santa at a nursery in Merrifield, VA told our children when they were young (but not too young), "Santa is the clown of Christmas." He is indeed. He entertains us with his antics coming down the chimney like an acrobat and rising up it again. (How does he do that?) His flying reindeer charm us with their impeccable training.

After he told the children about his own lowly place in Christmas, this amazing Santa showed them a nativity scene and talked about the birth of Jesus. I still remember it bringing tears to my eyes as I listened and watched him with my wide-eyed little ones. And he may be there still. After all, Santa is ageless.

Don't spoil the Christmas magic with a joyless focus on literalism. Watch Miracle on 34th Street and celebrate Kris Kringle.

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