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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Abortionist Admits He's "Killing"

If you don't hear Twilight Zone music while you watch this, you aren't listening.

Curtis Boyd, an ordained baptist minister (who's now Unitarian) prays for the "spirit" of the pregnancy to "go back to God." Get out the barf bag. What God is he talking about? Baal? Moloch? Astarte? Gaia?

This reminds me of a deathscort, Jim Lemon (now deceased, God have mercy on him), who would spend his Saturday mornings at the abortion mill next to St. James in Falls Church, VA. He claimed he wasn't paid by the abortionist, but I never believed him.

Jim and I used to exchange letters. I'd send him little prayer notes and he would respond, usually pontificating that the "little souls" went back to God to be sent to parents who wanted them. It was a bizarre way to justify murder, but it seemed to work for Jim.

On the other hand, Jim wasn't quite so blasé about the death of pets. He had a dog named Pumpkin who died at a veterinary hospital when he was left alone at night after surgery. After that, Jim worked tirelessly for legislation to require vet hospitals to have staff on the premises 24/7. I used to beg Jim to think of the babies as puppies. Then he might have had some compassion for them. Jim was a retired postman and could have been the poster boy for a conference on how ordinary people champion evil.

As I watched the video, I wondered how much money this guy rakes in from his abortion business. He puts a sugar coating on what he knows is killing, but if he really believes what he says, why isn't he counseling women to look for compassionate solutions that let both mom and baby live? He kills up to 24 weeks. If the mom waited another several weeks she could deliver and give the baby away. A 28 week old baby has about a 90% survival rate.So what is really going on here?

The answer is simple I think. Abortionists like he and George Tiller enjoy the sense of being God that power over life and death gives. He's a man of the lie who uses a miniscule number of hard cases to publicly justify the numerous convenience abortions performed. Not that the hard cases are legitimate, but they sure help a man of the lie play "let's pretend" and gain the sympathy of the "pro-choice" world who portray him as a "hero for women in need."

The reality is, these guys enjoy killing. Like Mengele and the doctors helping to "purify the race" by eliminating the unfit. If they didn't enjoy killing, they could not do it! Once you face the reality of the murder of the innocent, you either stop because you are horrified or you continue because you are fascinated (or love the money too much to stop). Listen to the witness of those who leave the business. No one is twisting this guy's arm to kill children. He does it willingly.

When you gaze into the face of Dr. Boyd, consider that it may be the closest you ever come to looking directly into the face of evil. Like those who tried the banal little clerk Adolf Eichmann, who sent tens of thousands of Jews to the death camps, you will be shocked at the banality of the killing machine. He looks like a nice man. Would you trust him with YOUR life?

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