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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two "Catholic" Governors who Think They're Pope

It's amazing when so-called Catholic politicians presume to dictate the doctrines of the Catholic Church to the rest of us. Nancy Pelosi tried it and was roundly corrected. Ted Kennedy was a perennial false preacher (whose son and nephew are following in his dishonest footsteps). And there are hordes of others who remind me of nothing more than the barbarians who sacked Rome in the early centuries after Christ. Of course, despite their most insidious efforts, barbarians and heretics can never overcome the truth. But the neo-barbarians are still trying.

Enter Jesuit-trained Virginia governor Tim Kaine and Maryland governor Martin O'Malley posturing as Catholics who know their faith and daring to correct the archbishop of Washington, D.C. for defending Church doctrine on the sanctity of marriage. Archbishop Wuerl has said the Church will withdraw from social programs funded by the District that require the Church to cooperate with the evil of homosexuality. Since efforts to exempt the Church from the legislation forcing participation, there is no other moral choice.

Good for Archbishop Wuerl.

As for the two heretical Catholics, God help them. They should pay attention to the bumper speaker that reads, "Heaven: Don't Miss it for the World!"

Life is short, eternity is long. Nothing, absoolutely nothing, is worth risking eternal damnation.

Two Catholic Governors Lash Out at DC Catholic Church for Same-Sex "Marriage" Ultimatum

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