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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Global Warming?

Twenty inches of snow in the D.C. metropolitan area, subzero temperatures in Europe wreaking havoc, snow in the south of France and a summer snowfall in Australia.... The planet doesn't seem to have a fever, but a bad case of the shivers. The fact that it was all happening during the Copenhagen shakedown over the climate change hoax was more than amusing.

But the tailors (Al Gore and company) selling the emperor his new clothes just go on unfazed. They just keep changing the words. Did you notice how seamlessly they shifted from "global warming" to "climate change?"

At any rate, don't give away your winter coat. You might want to buy matching earmuffs.


women's health care said...

Yes it is Global warming and we the people are surely sowing the seeds to make this world soon. The water under the ground is heating and the sea level has been increasing continuously as a result of the intense heat increase. Good post will let people in a thinking mode.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What's the evidence for man-made global warming? The Medieval Warm Period was warmer than today. Was that caused by man? It seems to me that the global warming hysteria is about money and power. That's all they talked about in Copenhagen.