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Sunday, December 20, 2009

They should have gone to GoToMeeting.Com

The Climate Summit Boondoggle in Copenhagen is having a negative impact on the global carbon footprint. The Wall Street Journal reported the following:

Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen's biggest limousine company told the London Telegraph on Dec. 5th that she reckoned that between her and her rivals the total number of limos in Copenhagen for the global warming conference has already broken the 1,200 barrier. The French alone rang up last Thursday and ordered another 42. "We haven't got enough limos in the country to fulfill the demand,' she says. 'We're having to drive them in hundreds of miles from Germany and Sweden."

And the total number of electric cars or hybrids among all those limos? "Five," said Ms. Jorgensen.

They should have held their sessions via Think of all the carbon emisssions poor Mother Earth would have been spared, not to mention the city of Copenhagen. All those political gasbags emitting CO2, not to mention methane, is more than one city should have to bear.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Now why didn't Al Gore think of that? After all, isn't he the "Father of the Internet"? He must be slipping!

Anonymous said...

Good thing global warming is just a hoax!