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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bad News from the Synod on the Family: The Only Time They Invoke Unity is When It's Unity of Dissent!

The moderator has extensive influence on the direction of the discussion and thus on the content of the final report of the small group. Uh-oh! 
...a good chunk of what you read in the English-speaking media has Fr. Rosca's fingerprints all over it, and he has an agenda, which is oftentimes hard to square with the Faith. Again, how are enemies of the Faith, who deny the teachings for a living, who are not professional reporters but lobbyists for an anti-Catholic cause, getting press credentials while priests are getting tossed out?
The bottom line in all this manipulation is this: How can anyone trust what's actually being presented at the press briefings? Easy answer: they can't!
But the target of criticism has been above all the composition of the commission charged with writing, through various successive drafts, the “Relatio” to be put to the vote point by point on the concluding day of the synod, and finally delivered to the pope.
The ten members of the commission, all appointed by Francis, are the following:
- Péter Erdõ, relator general of the synod;
- Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general;
- Bruno Forte, special secretary;
- Oswald Gracias, for Asia;
- Donald William Wuerl, for North America;
- Víctor Manuel Fernández, for Latin America;
- Mathieu Madega Lebouakehan, for Africa;
- John Atcherley Dew, for Oceania;
. Marcello Semeraro, for Europe;
- Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, for the religious orders.
Four of these (Wuerl, Fernández, Dew, Semeraro) have come to the synod not because they were elected by their respective episcopates or by reason of the positions they occupy, but only because they were called personally by Francis. And if to these are added Baldisseri, Forte, and Nicolás Pachón, it is easy to remark the clear prevalence on the commission of persons oriented more or less markedly toward change. Seems as if the Synod is rigged just like the first one. See Edward Pentin's book. 
Scariest Quote at the Synod: Is the Fix In?  Sure looks like it!
This quote comes from Cardinal Marx, president of the heretical German episcopal conference, the very man who declared that they are "not a subsidiary or Rome" on this matter and threatened unilateral (schismatic) action if their will did not prevail in this synod. Keep that in mind. 
Cardinal Marx: “We must try to remain together,” he said. “The Church is the only institution in the world that can reach unanimous agreement. Thank God we have the pope. We bishops do not have to decide. Church unity is not in danger. And once the pope has decided, we will abide by his decision.”
So this guy who threatened as above is now basically saying "Oh we are unified with the Pope and whatever the Pope decides, everybody must go along with. You know, for unity's sake." 
Do you get the impression that he knows something we don't know? That he is supremely confident that the German position will prevail and that they will use unity as a nail-studded cudgel to beat orthodox Bishops with?

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