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Friday, October 30, 2015

Jesuit Trained Students Support Assisted Suicide. Are You Surprised?

I'm not.

USF student newspaper unanimously supports assisted suicide
Wow! Not a single member of the newspaper staff could even "play devil's advocate" to defend the Church's position against assisted suicide, not to mention the government's obligation to defend the common good. These glib students aren't very deep thinkers. Have they considered these questions?

  • To whom do life and death decisions belong? 
  • What happens when humans usurp God's authority?
  • What does it do to the medical profession when doctors become killers? [We know the answer to that question. Doctors in Germany in the 30s killed off the mentally ill, the elderly, and other "useless eaters" under the T4 Euthanasia Program before Hitler adapted the strategy for the "final solution" to the "Jewish problem." ]
  • How do you protect the very vulnerable from being psychologically manipulated into "choosing" assisted suicide as the "responsible" decision?
  • Why is it a no-no for government to be involved in life and death decisions, but government forcing acceptance of homosexual sodomy as "marriage" is A-okay?
No one has a crystal ball to see into the future. Doctors aren't God! And we've seen what happens in cultures where man usurps God's authority. We're seeing it our own with the impact of 45 years of abortion on demand. These students are thoroughly indoctrinated in the philosophy of the culture of death. 

Always offer hope. Life is too precious to throw away. And God uses every ounce of suffering offered to Him to save souls from hell. As for the Jesuits, don't give them your children. It is a quick ticket to apostasy! 

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