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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is Fr. Haley Vindicated by What's Coming Out about "Gays" in the Vatican?

Here's a typical media spin on gay theologian Msgr. Charamso's "coming out."

Charming, eh?

Now, if you don't know about Fr. James Haley you should. He was a priest in the diocese of Arlington who, over a decade ago, blew the whistle on homosexual priests with porn in the closet and boyfriends in the bedroom. It was a message the bishop did not want to hear.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa's coming out elicited an email from Fr. Haley. His story is like the Kafka novel, The Trial, where:
"guilt is assumed, the bureaucracy running it is vast with many levels, and everything is secret, from the charge, to the rules of the court, to the authority behind the courts – even the identity of the judges at the higher levels." (Wikipedia summary)
That about sums up Fr. Haley's case.

Fr. Haley received almost nothing about the court's decision. He never faced his accuser, his canon lawyer quit after being warned he'd never work in the Church again if he continued, and the result? Fr. Haley was simply "disappeared" as they say. Mostly, he was brought down by a bishop sympathetic to homosexuality who did not want to hear the truth even after asking for "proof." After threatening Fr. Haley that, "You have no idea what I can do to you," he did it. And now, a decade later, the bishop's action continues to impact Jim Haley's life.

How do things stand today? Fr. Haley is cast out into the darkness for telling the truth about a problem in the Church that is increasingly obvious to all. Small wonder if he is angry and bitter especially when you see the way the out-of-the-closet homosexual priests are treated. Many remain in good standing and are still on the Church payroll (supported by us patsies in the pew) as they promote heresy and commit scandal.

What's going to happen to active homosexual Msgr. Charamsa? He lost his job at CDF but any further action depends on his bishop. So an outright heretic may remain in good standing while Jim Haley who is like a brother to me has been cast out.  (Is he defrocked? Ask Kafka.)

The injustice is so deep it cries to heaven. But, if in fact Fr. Haley is excommunicated, isn't he beyond redemption in the eyes of the Church unless he repents and confesses to doing something he never did? Somehow, I don't believe he is excommunicated in the eyes of God. But does that put me in conflict with the Church?

Which brings me to another question. What does a case like his do to shake people's faith in the Church? If tribunals mete out injustice, well, I hardly know what to say. I will never leave the Church, but I am more convinced than ever that the smoke of Satan has not only entered through a crack in the sanctuary, but fills the sanctuary to the point of blindness.

Pray for Fr. Haley. The homosexual cabal in the Church through the action of the bishop, did him in. That homosexuals are still front and center is ever more evident particularly from the machinations at the Family Synods. What's happening seems to me to vindicate Fr. Haley. But, in the end, what I think is of no consequence. So don't just pray for Fr. Haley. Pray for our poor suffering Church so infiltrated and run by Judases! And pray and do penance for them. Hell is a very unpleasant place I hear.

You can read Fr. Haley's email about Fr. Charamsa for yourself:
What I find utterly amazing:
Worked in the Congregation of the Faith since 2003, (since he was 32, now 43; guess he would have been familiar with my case) How????
Worked in the Holy See Press Office, How?
Taught theology at two Pontifical Universities, How????
Was named a Monsignor, How?????
Goes public about his homosexuality, gay lifestyle and relationship -- ONLY then is action taken, How????
Was fired -- not given four hours to get out, not removed from his rectory, not dismissed from the priesthood, not excommunicated.

How does all of this happen? 
"Who am I to judge homosexual priests?", Pope Francis, spiritual, moral and doctrinal head of the Roman Catholic Church.


The pope's meeting with Washington resident Yayo Grassi, his boyfriend and a few others came to light Friday

And MOST AMAZING I have still to find a Catholic that really cares.
Well, I for one care very deeply. And I believe others do too. But when everyone is trapped in the world of Kafka, it sets you off balance. What, after all, can any of us do in face of the insanity in the Church? Leaving isn't an option; there's no place to go. But it's no surprise that lightning struck the Vatican during the papal conclave. I increasingly agree with Antonio Socci who wrote The Fourth Secret of Fatima," that the Virgin's words to Lucia about the third secret have never been released. Socci and others including high level clerics believe they involved apostasy at the highest levels of the Church hierarchy. The German bishops certainly illustrate that in spades. It is certainly a reasonable hypothesis in view of what we are seeing in the Church on an almost daily basis. The devil must be laughing up a storm -- literally. As for us sheep in the pews, we are increasingly without shepherds. God have mercy on us.


Adrienne said...

This Catholic cares. I had not seen that video, and now I almost wish I hadn't. I think Pat Archbold summed it up well when he said that Msgr. Charamso's "coming out" was not the ultimate sin, but doing it just before the synod was.

And it's just not homosexuals in the Vatican. They're everywhere. Funny how 2% of the population can cause such harm to the other 98%.

Anonymous said...

I care. The reckless goal demanded by queer clergy to be normalized and sinless is raising the ugly tide of rebellion to flood levels. Lavender priests seem increasingly empowered to preach to us , faithful Catholics, on how to behave, what to say, what not to say, how to walk with, how to talk with, how to lower the volume, how to avoid words, what words to use with gays -- all the while wagging their nonjudgemental finger at those of us who gag on the word "welcome."

Sorry guys. Many of us care that Synod might burst into flames. We expect public confrontations among the bishops. Most of this is, after all, infighting at the highest levels of the church hierarchy. Let the unhappy priests come out -- all of them. I'm tired of just listening as one our Jesuit-trained Fathers in my parish, sermonizes on the true meaning of Sodom. The crock is cracking and it will be impossible to put this Synod behavior behind us as if it never happened.

Sorry if I'm all over the place, but the top of my head blew off about an hour ago.

Anon Mary

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I care MaryAnne and tonight as I prayed I remembered a woman who called me many years ago.She asked if I would be so kind as to accept a call from her alcoholic adult daughter who is suffering. I did and I listened . You see word gets around .One person knew I was infuriated about all the homosexual activities going on in the clergy and another and then finally I became the lady to call in order to vent.
All good Catholics who went to their pastors or Bishops ,none of whom went to the police at the time or, if they did ,they found out the Statute of Limitations had run out. So I listened to adults, male and female who were molested by priests when they were young and I cried and prayed for them. I also spoke to priests like Fr Haley one who said the Bishop kept asking him for the proof until one day the Bishop slipped up
and got angry by the pervert cleric who this priest complained about for his public displays and told my priest friend,"We have been paying for his expensive AZT for years!"......there was no need for proof ever because the Bishop already knew and then my decent priest friend knew the Bishop had been stalling and lying for years !
Understand this. The Vatican knows and has known how bad it has been also,long before the Boston Globe made it all public. So now ,rather then defrocking these priests many of them are calling for us to accept it too as they have.
Fr Linus Clovis summed it all up in the clearest way I have ever heard.

Fr Haley ,I know it is not much consolation but you are among many victims I remember in prayer.

another anonymous Mary

Mame said...

Please tell Fr. Haley I care too and let him know I pray for him by name at each Holy Hour I make.

Mary Frances

Dymphna said...

It's no comfort but I care. I still think about Fr. Haley. The diocese is celebrating Bishop Loverde's 50th anniversary. I keep hoping that he will undo this injustice before he goes.

Anonymous said...

I care, Mary Ann! Fr. Haley is a true son of Mary and I grieve for him. I will never forget the beautiful, loving, truthful pro-life homily he gave many years ago at St. Mark's in Vienna. I stopped him in the narthex to thank him as I was sure he would get negative feedback. Unfortunately a misguided soul had already approached him, got in his face and said "You disgust me!" Pray for that soul. Fr. Haley is in good company as Jesus warned what would happen to his true followers. Thank you for continuing to shed light in a very dark place. And may God bless Fr. Haley and all those who diligently work to advance His Kingdom on earth!
Mary Pat