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Friday, October 30, 2015

If These Pew Statistics are Accurate, They're Bad News for the Church!

Most U.S. Catholics hope for change in church rule on divorce, Communion

Opinions of many Catholics are decidedly un-Catholic. Our shepherds better start warning the flock. If they don't, those flaunting God won't be the only ones falling into Gehenna! Read Ezekiel 33. "If the watchman sees the sword coming and fails to blow the warning trumpet...I will hold the watchman responsible...even though that person is taken because of his own sin."

The shepherds are called to be watchmen to save the flock from the wolves. If you were their boss giving evaluating their job performance, what would you write?


newguy40 said...

I have one for you from St Paul.

tamen quae sine anima sunt vocem dantia sive tibia sive cithara nisi distinctionem sonituum dederint quomodo scietur quod canitur aut quod citharizatur

etenim si incertam vocem det tuba quis parabit se ad bellum

Phil Dunton said...

If the majority of Catholics have this mindset (and they do), why don't they just join the Episcopal Church, like so many other former Catholics have done? Then they can do anything they want and won't have any "Catholic guilt" (their favorite term). The sad truth is that in these peace and justice parishes where sin is never mentioned (except for the sin of not being politically correct) most of the flock would immediately leave if anything about sin or hell was ever discussed from the pulpit. Even sadder, the priests who never bring up the subject likely have the same mindset as their flock!

Steven Cass said...

How I read this: a majority of U.S. Catholics disagree with Jesus on divorce and remarriage, birth control, cohabitation, and sodomy.

Anonymous said...

From California,

Steven Cass, you have that right as many of them come from families where their parents have had two or more divorces and "marriages", and sometimes having children from all of them. Quite a mess. It would take someone wiser than Solomon to figure it all out. God help us all!

Anonymous said...

From California,

To be fair though, Steve and Mary Anne, not all Catholics were equally responsible as some of those first Catholic marriages were broken up by non Catholics who converted one of the partners in a Catholic marriage and caused confusion in the family or had adulterous affairs with them. For some it was downhill ever after. The birth control pill had a lot to do with it, also, as many husbands and wives were fooling around, especially if the other partner was doing so.