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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planned Parenthood Supporters Really Are a Bunch of Sick Weirdos!

North Carolina bar features "Chopped Bartender Challenge," a benefit for Planned Parenthood.

This sick joke is just the latest in their panoply of nauseating stunts -- like give your sweetheart an abortion for Valentine's Day. And then there was their "choice on earth" gift card for Christmas.  Every girl wants an abortion in her stocking, right? I wonder how they would portray gassing Jews? As a smoke-in?

These folks are tone deaf when it comes to normal human reactions. Do they really believe these approaches win them supporters? Maybe. I think it indicates how divorced from normal humanity they are with one foot already in hell where their "humor" is perverted and depraved. The only laugh coming out of the devil is a sick twisted sneer. PP has that down pat.

The 11th video of their ghoulish baby harvesting business was just released. Watch it below the video by Dr. Willke that describes the way PP responded after the 9/11 terrorist attack. What compassion at a moment of crisis for the families of those killed!

Pray for all those involved with Planned Parenthood; they really are deep in the devil's camp up to their necks in the blood of the innocent. It will take a miracle of grace to extract them from the satanic grip!


John said...

There's actually a TV show called Chopped (with cleaver as part of logo) involving a chef competition, which I guess they are basing the bartender competition on.

So, I think this is more example of them accidentally alluding to the truth of abortion than purposely intending to offend. It's kind of more funny that it is a gaffe (which someone once defined as accidentally telling the truth).

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Ah...I never heard of the show. But you're right -- It is funny (in the sense of strange). But it is amazing if it was accidental because the "chop" metaphor really applies in spades. Many people call the abortion mills "chop shops" which is exactly what they are.

Chop up those babies. The bartenders can compete making an oriental dish -- Chop Susie.

Like I said before, these folks are totally tone deaf in what they do. Can anyone really believe a coupon for a free abortion is EVER a good gift? Insanity reigns among the abortionists and their advocates. But it is a reality that sin makes people stupid!

John said...

Yes, funny, as in strange -- somehow the truth of what they do just can't help but come out. I agree -- sin puts such blinders on people. Someone told me once that the pro-lifers have long since won the argument. The pro-choicers persist because of disorder. You can argue with them, basing everything on reason, etc, but they still won't accept it.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sin has its own illogic. It basically says, "I'm free to do whatever I want." Which is a premise based on rejection of God. I think it was Dostoevsky who put in the mouth of one of his characters, "If God does not exist everything is permitted?" Those who want to follow their own desires no matter how licentious need to kill God. Of course, that's impossible which is why they tend to end up bitter and insane like Nietzsche whose "all things are permitted" philosophy flew in the face of nature. He died of syphilis. You can't kill Mother Nature even if you do your best to kill God.