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Friday, September 30, 2016

And You Think There's No Voter Fraud? This One Hits Close to Home!

He died in 2014 and just registered to vote in Virginia!

This is why we need photo IDs to vote in both federal and local elections. You need to present an ID every time you go to the doctors to prevent medical fraud. You need to present a photo ID in many places to use your credit card. Please, tell me why voters shouldn't have to present a photo ID to vote.

I'm sick to death of the Democrats claiming that Republicans want to suppress the vote. Do I want to suppress the vote? Yes! I don't want: dead people, illegal aliens, out-of-state students, etc. casting votes that affect my life and the life of my children and grandchildren. And I'm sick of the evil party calling me a bigot for wanting reasonable controls to protect the integrity of the vote.

That hypocrite Virginia house minority leader, David Toscano, wants to pretend that it isn't voter fraud because election officials caught the dishonesty before the votes took place. That's like saying terrorism isn't terrorism because authorities caught the bombers before they blew up their target. Anyone registering dead people is guilty of voter fraud because it's obvious the intent is to have dead people vote. Remember Ohio and Pennsylvania in the 2012 election where over 100% of some precincts voted Obama. Voter fraud is real and the Democrats seem to have made it an art form.

Pray for the rosary for the election.

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DJR said...

I think it was Mayor Daley, wasn't it, who told people that, when the time came, he wanted to be buried within the city limits of Chicago so he could keep voting?

Some things never change.