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Friday, September 9, 2016

We're on the Move....

Lots of lovely stone walls in Stafford Springs, CT
It's great to be retired. Periodically we pack up our camper and head out on the open road to explore. Sometimes we take grandchildren and sometimes we are off on our own. Last year we planned to go to Nova Scotia, but our bees weren't doing well and we stayed home to feed them several times a week to make sure they had enough food to get through the winter.
This year, they are thriving and we decided to let them fend for themselves for a month. So we are out and about -- praying many rosaries in the car as we drive or walk in the woods or sit on a park bench and just watch the world go by. We hope to visit many churches and experience many faithful Masses since we always ask the Lord to help us make our trips pilgrimages of faith as well as simply vacations outings. So we invite you to join us as I post periodically about our trip. I'm not sure how available internet will be at some of our national park stops so it may be haphazard, but please check it out

by visiting my Grandma blog. Today I posted about our stop in Stafford Springs, CT. I love this great country of ours! And what always edifies me is how friendly people are. Today we stopped at City Hall to see if they had any brochures about local attractions. It was closed. We walked about a block when a lady in a car pulled up beside us and asked if she could help. When we told her what we were looking for she thought for a moment then pointed to a shop on the corner and said, "The people in the coffee shop are really friendly, they may be able to help." They were indeed friendly and helpful.

New England may have a reputation for being stand-offish, but we are finding people here in Connecticut friendly, smiling, and delightful. 

Lord, bless all those whose lives we touch and who touch ours. May we be woven together into the tapestry of your plan, and, as Mother Teresa often said, make something beautiful for God. 

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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