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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Same-Self Marriage (Sologamy)

Only Me
Where have I been? Sologamy has been out for 2 years and I just heard of it? Well, I can only say that my future looks glorious because I can now marry MYSELF! 

I know that I am the only person in the world who really loves me for myself. I am so wonderful that no man or woman, pony, rock or tree is good enough for me. Only I can love me as I ought to be loved, can love me for me alone, for my extraordinary self who am all good and wonderful.

I’ve already proposed to myself to marry me so I can be with myself all my days. I can vow to take me (Myself) to be my lawfully wedded self, to have and to hold, from this day forward, etc., to love and to cherish myself forever.

Symbol of Sologamy
I can set up house for myself, live with myself, cook for myself, have sex with myself plus I can keep all the money I earn to spend on me. I can take vacations by myself to places I’ve always wanted to go - London, Paris and Rome by myself!

And if I discontinue loving myself I can divorce myself. The pleasure and enjoyment of myself continues to be an occasion of bliss because the divorce courts will make me pay alimony to myself, and I can always use the extra income!


Oakes Spalding said...

If I go ahead with it, can I get a tax deduction for my inner child?

Mary's Child Mariann said...

This takes the cake! Two years?! I almost wished I'd have gone to my grave without learning there is (a) a word for same-self marriage, and (b) that there obviously must be someone who has an interest or there would never be the need for the word.

God's blessings upon you!

Sassy said...

Do you have a mission statement for your website? What does this have to do with Catholic living? It's mostly sardonic, condescension.

TTC said...

Too funny.

When people asked if I was dating, I used to tell them the old joke: I've been single for a while now and its going very well. It's really working out. I think I might be the one!

Guess I'll have to retire that joke. LOL

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sassy, is there anything that is happening in the culture that doesn't have to do with Catholic life? The biggest threats to Catholic families come from a culture overcome with lust and self-absorption: abortion, contraception, gender ideology, same sex "marriage," pornography, etc.

Sin makes people stupid and crazy and this post by Susan is just one example that illustrates it. Many saints preached against sexual sin and narcissism. Those are certainly serious subjects for Catholics to address. Ignorance is never bliss!

TTC said...

The mission of bloggers like Mary Ann is the spiritual works of mercy.

To instruct the ignorant.
To counsel the doubtful.
To admonish sinners.
To bear wrongs patiently.
To forgive offences willingly.
To comfort the afflicted.
To pray for the living and the dead.

God Bless.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's a more detailed article on this latest assault on marriage and the family. And it also illustrates the nihilism that characterizes the culture. Very sad!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I wonder what the first "self-divorce" will entail. Which "self" will get the house and car?

wife said...

Dear Mary Ann,

I couldn't disagree more with Sassy. Maybe Sassy belatedly will develop a sense of humor.Thanks for a great post, I am LOL (better than weeping over the ugly reality). At first, I thought I was reading "Eye of the Tiber," not "LES FEMMES."

The-"sologamy" movement seems to be an extension of the idea that single people should be entitled to time off to take care of themselves because many companies offer maternity/paternity leave to parents--and why should the childless not be able to claim this benefit for their "inner child, to use Oakes Spalding's term?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks min-bee, some things are so serious (and nuts) that if you didn't laugh you'd either cry or climb under the bed and such your thumb. We need to keep imitating the little boy in the fairy tale who said, "The emperor has no clothes." Maybe if we keep laughing at the insanity, we will see a return to common sense. I'm not particularly optimistic, but one can hope.

Chriss Rainey said...

A close second to those who marry themselves are couples who marry with the vow to never have kids. You could say it is a double dose of self absorption.

Chriss Rainey said...

A close second to those who marry themselves are couples who marry with the vow to never have kids. You could say it is a double dose of self absorption.