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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Open Letter to Bishop David Choby of Nashville...

Fr. Ryan mom, Susan Skinner, fights for chastity and
parents' rights as primary educators of their children.
...regarding the sex ed program at Fr. Ryan High School

Dear Bishop Choby,
I’m writing as a grandmother of 25, four of whom are current high school students. Two are home schooled and two are enrolled at St. John Paul the Great in Virginia. As a former parochial school teacher and home schooler, a master catechist, NFP teacher, and marriage preparation speaker I am seriously concerned about Catholic education at all levels.

When I read the content of the sex ed program at Fr. Ryan High School I was appalled. I find it difficult to believe that you are aware of what is included. If you are, in fact, aware and allowing the program regardless I can only conclude there is something seriously amiss in the diocese. 
Do you believe it’s appropriate to teach young people about how to sexually arouse each other? Here is a brief description of the program content posted at LifeSiteNews:

  • Students are taught that the male and female “mature genitalia will react to sexual stimulus in a similar way.”
  • They are shown a picture of a spread-eagle vagina with names for every part. The picture is shown again in a test question where children have to label all the parts. 
  • At one point the sex-ed states: “Like the scrotum, the outer lips swell slightly with stimulation; in their stimulated state they pull back and expose the Inner Lips.”
  • Students are taught about “erotic nerve endings” on both the male and female reproductive organs that react with “sexual stimulus.” They learn about an “aroused” clitoris and average penis lengths during erection.
  • Students learn 10 different forms of contraception, including withdrawal, the condom, the diaphragm, spermicides, the birth control pill, the intrauterine device, birth control implant, depo-provera, tubal ligation, and vasectomy. A test question asks children to name and compare all the different methods as to how they function. 
  • At no point in the entire sex-ed supplement does the word “sin” appear nor are there condemnations of the grave sexual sins of masturbation, fornication, and other sins against the virtues of chastity and modesty. Abstinence is given a passing glance and children are directed to external resources for more information on the practice. 
  • Students are not taught how willed sexual sins cut off the life of God’s grace in the soul and jeopardizes one’s eternal salvation. 
This content is obviously a serious occasion of sin, especially to the boys. Even if this is done in separate groups it is immoral.

I noticed on your website that you have a “Safe Environment” program that calls for warning about abuse or potential abuse. If any of this material were shown by an individual teacher to a student, it would constitute abuse. Does it become less abusive because it is done in a classroom setting? Not at all. It constitutes the same type of material used to groom young people for abuse. 

I believe all the parents of students at Fr. Ryan High School whose students are exposed to this salacious material should report the teachers and administrators behind this program as sex abusers and make formal complaints through the safe environment program. Psychologist Rick Fitzgibbons recently addressed the immoral Vatican program, The Meeting Point, introduced at World Youth Day calling it the worst abuse of youth he has seen in his 40 years of practice. Your program sounds like it deserves the same condemnation.

I beg you remove the program before these students are seriously damaged by it. Those who are most innocent will be most hurt. I also exhort you to honor Catholic Church teaching that parents are the primary educators of their children and do not give up that right when they put their children in Catholic schools expecting assistance in that task and not undermining.
Please, Your Excellency, protect the children. Remove the sex ed program at Fr. Ryan High School and respect the rights of parents.

Since parents of Fr. Ryan students have already entreated your assistance without relief, I am posting this as an open letter on my blog at


Mary Ann Kreitzer
1216 Mill Rd.
Woodstock, VA 22664


TLM said...

Unfortunately the 'Catholic' schools in this country today, for the most part, aren't really Catholic at all. This goes on with their new 'sex ed' in so called 'Catholic' schools all over the country. Have had personal experience with grandchildren. There was no response from either the Pastor, nor the Bishop, so they were gone the following year. If I would have been their mom, believe me, they wouldn't have even gone back the very next day! I would have yanked them out of there so fast, the school wouldn't have known what hit them. If I didn't get any satisfaction after that, I would have gone to any newspaper willing to go with the story. I would have been shouting their immorality from the ROOFTOPS and there would have been NO ONE that could have stopped me.

I remember a quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen many years ago: 'If you want your children to loose the faith, send them to a Catholic school.' He knew, even back then, exactly what he was talking about.

Unknown said...

I believe this sex education program has been taught at Father Ryans for the past 25 years, and it is now a problem???? This mother new about the program before she enrolled her son at Father Ryans.
How many parents actually teach their children about sex? Few

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, Terry, perhaps that helps to explain why so many young Catholics are abandoning the faith. I have to laugh about your comment about "how many actually teach their children about sex." Is that a joke? You think moms don't explain to their daughters when they start menstruating what it means? And one of the best sex ed lessons is little brothers and sisters bathing together. Boys and girls are different and it's hard not to notice. This idea that kids need to take a Masters and Johnson course in sex is not only ridiculous, but it smells like sulphur.

Mack Malone said...

Your kidding..that is about as unsexy as anything on earth..if I didn't want my kid to have sex I would send them to this class!

And with all due respect..young siblings in the bath together..a sibling is the last thing a hormone driven teen is thinking of..hopefully. Though I do agree parents should control the info given to the kid..and take care of the inevitable grandkid when Becky Sue becomes a single mom. If talking about sin stopped sex...half the world's population would be depleted!

Unknown said...

Sweetheart, you have it all wrong. Clearly you are a Catholic, but your criticism is directed toward a 58 year old institution that is absolutely NOT Catholic....the Novus Ordo, new Judeo-Masonic world religion. While this new religion has taken the shape of and usurped the external form and function of the Catholic Church, it is in reality the manifestation of heresy that is over 300 years old and long condemned by the Catholic Church and consistently declared anathema by a long parade of saintly and valid Roman Catholic Pontiffs. Your criticisms, nested in traditional Catholicism, fall on the deaf ears of a thoroughly heretical hierarchy of a non-Catholic sect that not only could care less about your Catholic objections to poisoning our children (they are a cult of pedophilia, after all), but are an organized and hostile force operating globally against the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, now in eclipse and comprised of just a remnant of what is was prior to 1958, without a valid Catholic Pope for 58 years. Condemn the heretics; cling to the Church and Mass of our Fathers, for what was taught as dogmatic truth then must remain truth now, just as what was condemned then, must remain condemned now. God's truth and the power He gave to His Church to infallibly declare, teach and define His truth is immutable and absolute. Si, si; No, no. Faithful Catholics understand: Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi.

There is absolutely no sense in and nothing to be gained by trying to remonstrate or negotiate with these heretics. They are NOT Catholic, merely impostors, but by their fruits we shall know them. Sede vacante. Pray that Lord gives us a Catholic Pope and fills the Chair vacant these past 58 years, so that this sect of Satan may be crushed. And if it be His will that the Church Militant has completed Her mission, then come Lord Jesus, come.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

First off -- I'm not your sweetheart. Second, if the seat of Peter has been empty for 58 years the Lord is a liar because He has abandoned us and that is something He promised never to do. We've had plenty of unfaithful popes throughout history. All that does is prove that the Holy Spirit truly does protect the Church. She couldn't have survived for two thousand years otherwise.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

So Mack, you think it's wise and prudent to teach hormone-driven teens how to arouse each other? And presumably in a mixed group? If you think that is going to encourage kids to chastity, I have a bridge to sell you. But maybe you are in favor of letting them have all the sex they want as long as they listen to the part of the class where they teach contraception. And then, of course, there's always the abortion mill.

I have no objections to teaching human reproduction in biology class. But that should not include the mechanics of sexual arousal, etc. There is no indication that the class was promoting chastity since, according to parents, it never talked about sin and the commandments. It sounds like the typical Planned Parenthood approach of passing contraceptives around the class. It's been around for several generations. Are kids having less sex before marriage? Hmmm...could it be maybe the approach isn't working?

Aqua said...

Mary Ann,

First, thank you for your brave letter. You have done a great service for many; a service sadly not performed by our Shepherds who are either asleep while the wolves eviscerate the sheep, or are holding the gate open for more wolves to enjoy a good meal. Pathetic, Bishops! I am much disappointed in them all. So, thank you! I showed this to my wife, and she was aghast! It is being shared. The message is being spread. The Priests have crossed a line that does not belong to them. It is vile to receive "sex" advice from Priests and Bishops. Enough. Basta!

Second, Brian Biernat is a troll. Not legit. I seriously doubt he is even a "sede". Ignore him. Vox has his share of these types. They come out when threatened.

And keep up the good work. I, and many others I'm sure, admire you. God is well pleased with those who remain faithful in these dark days. Jesus is King of Kings. He will come again. We belong there, not here.

Heather said...

Mary Ann is spot on!
That school is no longer "Catholic" In fact Vatican II is not catholic, suffice to say, it has clearly abandoned Catholic Doctrine and Dogma, those that adhere to it are de facto heretics, each succeeding pope is a worse pope than his predecessor. Every Pope from John XXIII to Bergoglio is or was a manifest heretic and if you go according saints canonized prior to Vatican II, the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Catholic Canon Law, the Council of Trent (last True Completed Council) and have studied Catholic History, the delineations are clear.

Vatican II is no more than a counter church set up by satan. That is clearly indicated by Catholic Mystics, Doctors of Church etc. Many do not even realize nor care that a good sizable foundation of Vatican II was based in part by the lunatic heretic Karl Rahner who's insane deeply flawed treatise on transubstantiation earned his treatise a condemnation in Humani generis encyclical by Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius thought his treatise so grave he feared undermine the foundations of Catholic Doctrine.

It was the collaboration of false Catholic heretics such as Rahner, Yves Congar, Henri de Lubac and Marie-Dominique Chenu, his close running partner Joseph Ratzinger the future Pope Benedict XVI, that were the principal architects of what was to become the heretical Vatican II.

The reason we have a so-called Catholic school Father Ryans teaching sexual immorality is because we had well over half a century of heresy being taught to catholics, effeminate priests that know nothing of Catholic Dogma, lunatics like newly promoted to bishop ...Bishop Baron, that does not believe in the realities of hell, it's all about peace love kumbaya can we all just get along.

All those nonsensical Vatican II psychobabble of non judgment and a complete misunderstanding of Jesus words deliberately taken out of context about judgment. An ignorant alleged pope Francis with the most statement made by a pope, "Who am I to judge?" You the Vicar of Christ, Remember Jesus words to Peter "Whom you declare bound on earth shal be bound in heaven...whom you declare loosed on earth shal be loosed in heaven, does that ring a bell...Francis? Once again we see effeminacy, in action. We have the heretic Pope John Paul II making sure there would be no legitimate saints canonized by abolishing Advocatus Diaboli. We had Pope Paul VI perhaps the greatest heretic in the modern era destroying the catholic mass, abolishing the sacramentals, appointing a commission of 12... 6 of whom were non catholic protestants, instituting the "new mass".

Don't even get me started onPope Paul Vi's vows of ordination The very words which Pope Pius XII, in 1947, had definitively decreed were necessary for the validity of the sacrament of holy orders, were changed by Paul VI in such a way as to render the ordination of priests doubtful and the consecration of bishops definitely invalid. (Even a doubtful rite, however, must be considered invalid in practice, per Catholic teaching.)

Also don't get me started on the sin of sodomy, sodomites are to be treated with dignity and compassion? HA!!! What a load of garbage every Catholic saint and clergy condemned sodomy in the severest terms from the Apostles to just before Vatican II. From Saint Catherine of Siena:

St. Catherine relays words of Our Lord, about the vice against nature, which contaminated part of the clergy in her time. My guess is that, that was never taught at Father Ryans!