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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Adds His Opinion to the Presidential Debates.

I pray that the observations below, seeking to get the beam out of my own eye,
will help all of us to appreciate more deeply our need for the regenerative grace
offered to the world by Christ through the gracious ministry of His Holy Spirit.
Thank God that the gates of hell cannot prevail against a repenting heart.
Please pray for the ongoing conversion of all us pastors.
In Christ,
Fr. Tom

Many have fallen into the trap of capitulating to media propaganda by agreeing
with the premise that Trump is “the lesser of two evils”.  Although I do not agree
100% with everything he is proposing, I cannot find anything pro-actively and objectively
“evil” in what Trump is proposing for our nation.
True, he has to work in a nation where
large numbers of the electorate have become trapped in perversion, addictions and/or
resentments. Thus, unless we are blessed with a powerful infusion of divine grace, his
proposed policies may be far from perfect. But the principles guiding those policies truly
seem to be in harmony with the ongoing call to repentance guided by objective moral
truth, rather than the ever-evolving and perverting demands of political correctness.  

Likewise, his “incompetence” is actually a sign of his willingness to be respectful toward the
truth and open-minded to carefully discern factors that may not seem, initially, to be in full
harmony with his proposed policies, as he to promote integrity both to our laws and to our
law enforcement policies.

And we should note that, as a businessman, he knows how to conduct the art of the deal.
And he knows and respects the fact that contractual obligations need to be taken seriously.
Thus it is that, respecting the parameters clearly delineated in the Constitution, he is keenly
aware of the fact that he is running to be President of the United States, rather than a dictator
seeking to suppress and oppress his opponents through selectively enforced bureaucratic
regulations. He along with most informed Americans citizens knows that, as President, he will
have to work with the Congress and negotiate deals that will be workable for all, rather than
use his pen and phone to undermine the powers Constitutionally delegated to Congress
and to the courts.

Clinton, on the other hand, insists that no pre-born child should have the right to live, that guns
(not hatred, lust and greed) cause crime, that parents should send their unaccompanied children
on a hazardous thousand mile journey to illegally enter America, that the Little Sisters of the Poor
be required to support the barbaric butchering of pre-born babies in order to be allowed by the
government to care for the frail elderly, that she should be allowed to do for Americans what she
has so dramatically done for people of Libya, Iraqi and Syria, that objective sexual morality is a form
of “hate speech”, and that freedom of religion should be limited by the government to freedom of
worship. These and a number of other policies she has promoted over the years are positively evil.

Thus, while I may disagree with Trump on certain details as to how to realistically promote
the integral growth of our nation, I must remember that we live in an imperfect world. And
that world has become increasingly imperfect over the years due to the pusillanimity of us
pastors (myself included), who have so often been willing to use “prudence” as an excuse to
capitulate to the demands of expediency.

We all need to remember that the weaknesses that led to the betrayal Christ, the denial of Christ
and the abandoning of Christ were even present among His chosen Twelve Apostles, whom He
Himself personally instructed and formed for several years. Thus, I can confidently and regretfully
say that it is even more possible for myself and other pastors to capitulate to crass materialistic
pragmatism for the sake of a transient sense of security and success. And, just as the chief priests
and scribes, who occupied the Chair of Moses, were willing to use expediency as an excuse to crucify
Truth Himself, there is a real and present danger that us pastors, who are in communion with the Chair of Peter, can become so dull in our spiritual discernment that we too can fall into the temptation to crucify at least some dimensions of the Truth of God for the sake of the vapid rewards offered through amoral expediency.

God be merciful to me, a sinner! And Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of the Clergy, share with me and all pastors your humility, docility and reverence toward the Truth, Who is Jesus Christ, your Son and our Savior.

In Christ,
Fr. Tom Collins
Sacred Heart Church
Covington, VA


Heather said...

If only catholic priests spent more time saving souls preaching true Catholicism doctrine and dogma, pressuring papal Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Dear Beautiful Beloved Beautiful Ever Virgin Holy Immaculate Mother Mary EXACTLY as she directed than engaging in politics. Since Bergoglio is not true nor valid pope true Catholics will have to pray and wait.

I am weary of the Fr. Collin's and Fr Jonathan Morris' of Fox News of this world hanging out in greenrooms at Fox News 'reporting' news issues and Vatican II psychobabble and a distortion of the catholic faith. As memory serves none of the Apostles took part in any secular elections. I will not vote for Trump, supported and or supports taxpayer funding of planned parenthood in "some instances" whatever that means planned parenthood is pure evil needs to be abolished and prosecuted under the RICO act for crimes against humanity. Voting either one puts one on the road to perdition. I serve God... not man, not the political correctness of man nor the sensitivities or popularity of man. I serve God Alone.

Aqua said...

Fr. Collins, Since this is not a matter of Faith, but political prudence, I think I can remain respectful and say your take on Trump is wishful thinking. I too wish he was like you portray him here. It sounds good. I would support such a candidate. Trump is simply not that candidate. Your description does not match Trump, the candidate. At all.

I hope you can keep an open mind also about Trump between now and Election Day. Honestly judge his actions and discern whether it is proper to align your conscience with his candidacy over the next four years of Executive Trumpian power.

I have heard many inform me I will have "blood on my hands", (and other similar comments), if I withhold my vote from Hillary's Republican opponent. Well, that goes both ways. A vote of support for Trump means you are directly responsible and a participant for what comes next from this man who will essentially rule.

I have taken his measure and find it very difficult, according to my conscience, to actively support him and elevate him into God ordained power through my personal participation. It is easy to promise this or that policy goodie. That is what every conservative supporter is banking on. He does a lot of talk. Much of it contradictory. But you can't hide character, which in the end is what matters in the application of ultimate worldly power, essentially unrestrained by any earthly hand. And THAT truly frightens me.

I am still considering this in all due seriousness. One little vote, true, but God sees the internal process at work. And on Nov 5, I will be at peace with it. Not before. Please look at Trump honestly, during the time of campaign.

Batman vs. Trump YouTube (spoof)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Heather, I'm puzzled that you think those who vote for either major candidate are on the road to perdition (I certainly agree about Hillary), but seem to believe you have the authority to declare Pope Francis an invalid pope. Saying you serve God alone is a very Protestant statement when you take the Church and the pope out of the picture. I believe Pope Francis is a bad pope and not the first one. But unless you can prove that he was not elected by the cardinals in conclave, we must presume he is the valid pope.

Let us fast and pray for the Church, but beware of the sede vacantist route. If there has been no valid pope since Pius XII, God has certainly abandoned us because the connection to Peter would be broken and most of our priests' ordinations would be invalid because their bishops ordinations were invalid. Once the apostolic succession is lost we are in the same precarious situation as the Anglicans.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Even though Lucia said that the Blessed Mother told her that JPII fulfilled the Consecration in 1984 and that God would honor His word, Heather remains disbelieving, must be done the way Heather thinks? as if the world stood still from 1917-1984 and JPII just was, what...?..disobedient? That he never prayed or received guidance from God and His Blessed Mother?

Brian must have the perfect candidate, something that will never happen, or else he will not cast a vote. Maybe Trump will win and go forward to bring this country back to health. If Hillary wins, bringing the country back to health is gone forever. But Brian, stay home, and if Trump wins and is as bad as Obama, you will be able to hold it over all our heads...fools that you'd tell us we were.

Believe me, none of the other world leaders jumped out of a perfect mold and I truly think that Trump is a lot better human being than a lot of them.

LauraElaina said...

Voting for Killary is a serious and previous offense! Period!

Heather said...

Dear Mary Ann,
I am not the authority, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Council of Trent and Catholic Doctrine and Dogma are the authorities that Francis is not a valid pope not me. Jesus speaks of the elect being deceived and deceiving, is Pope Francis not the elect?

Did Pope Paul VI heretically change the vows of ordination? decreed by Pope Pius II and the Council of Trent? Bear in mind that that Pope Francis was the first Pope to be ordained. Traditional Roman Catholic Form, per Pope Pius XII (1947):

“Comple in Sacerdote tuo ministerii tui summam, et ornamentis totius glorificationis instructum coelestis unguenti rore santifica.”
[Translation:] “Perfect in Thy priest the fullness of thy ministry and, clothing him in all the ornaments of spiritual glorification, sanctify him with the Heavenly anointing.”
Modernist Novus Ordo Form, per "Pope Paul VI" (1968):

“Et nunc effunde super hunc Electum eam virtutem, quae a te est, Spiritum principalem, quem dedisti dilecto Filio Tuo Iesu Christo, quem Ipse donavit sanctis Apostolis, qui constituerunt Ecclesiam per singula loca, ut sanctuarium tuum, in gloriam et laudem indeficientem nominis tui.”
[Translation:] “So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing Spirit whom you gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name.”
Not only does the bogus Novus Ordo form totally replace the words decreed by Pius XII as essential to validity, they do not even in any way express that what is taking place is the consecration of a bishop! They do not even ask the Holy Ghost to make the ordinand into a bishop! Instead, even if one were to say that the totally abstruse phrase “Spiritum principalem” (“Governing Spirit”) is a clear reference to the Holy Ghost, the fact remains that it is not stated just what the Holy Ghost is supposed to be doing. God the Father is being asked to “pour out” the Holy Ghost (or at least that “Governing Spirit”) – but to do what? To what end? We’re not told

Heather said...

Dear Mary Ann,
Also, if a catholic doctor performs an abortion he is under the pain of sin as is the woman receiving and consenting to the abortion. The fact is Donald Trump supported, praised and donated to planned parenthood. Planned parenthood has committed mass infanticide among other sexual acts of depravity by encouraging underage teenagers into sexual acts of depravity. Having this knowledge and willfully voting for Trump I would be in a state of mortal sin. Abortion is a mortal sin, aiding and abetting it is also a mortal sin. Perdition: loss...The former occurs in Matthew 26:8; Mark 14:4, the latter in the passages cited above. Both meanings had been adopted into the religious terminology of the Scriptures as early as the Septuagint. "To be lost" in the religious sense may mean "to be missing" and "to be ruined," The former meaning attaches to it in the teaching of Jesus, who compares the lost sinner to the missing coin, the missing sheep, and makes him the object of a seeking activity (Matthew 10:6; 15:24; 18:11; Luke 15:4,6,8,24,32; 19:10). "To be lost" here signifies to have become estranged from God, to miss realizing the relations which man normally sustains toward Him. I assure You when I say God Alone it meant God without political correctness as a euphemism not theologically Do you know one Protestant that has advocated for the Consecration of Russia to the Dear Beautiful Beloved Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Immaculate Mother Mary as I have? Suffice to say I classify myself & family as Council of Trent Catholics that that abide by the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Catholic Canon Law and Catholicism as it was practiced during the Council of Trent. If anyone is protestant it is those Vatican II catholics that attend Novus Ordo Mass That Pope Paul VI appointed a commission of 12 clergy 6 of them protestants for the "new mass" (heresy)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Heather, I must presume you do not vote since there is rarely a candidate on the ballot who does not support abortion under some circumstances -- especially the presidential candidates. And I do not believe previous popes have the power to bind future popes in terms of language changes, etc. As long as the changes are consistent with the doctrine as passed down by the apostles and their successors. The Novus Ordo may not be as perfect a celebration as the Tridentine, but it is certainly valid.

Marie said...


Trump's conversion to the pro-life camp started only 10 years ago when he (with the help of a doctor) closely monitored the development of his youngest son while still in the womb.

Those Planned Parenthood contributions he made was prior to that. They were among the bulk of not-properly-thought-out donations, because as a businessman, he automatically gave to every cause that asked for contributions.

Now you can even say he sort-of over-compensated for his past pro-choice stand. In an interview with Chris Matthews, Trump said should abortion be made illegal again in the U.S., the woman should be held accountable for the crime along with the abortionist.

Trump's comment blew up a storm in both the pro-abort and the pro-life camps. He did not know that back when abortion was still illegal, only the abortionist got indicted with the crime. The woman went scot-free.

Both camps raised a protest and agreed that should abortion be made illegal again, a woman should not be held responsible for the crime. That was how it was then, that's how it should be, if ever abortion be made illegal again.

Trump argued that if a woman breaks the law, then she should be prosecuted according to the law. The pro-life camp and Matthews himself responded that a pregnant woman trying to decide whether to have an abortion undergoes extreme agony already and that agony should be enough punishment for her crime.

Trump asked Matthews if he were a Catholic, and Matthews said yes, but said he does not subscribe to his Church's teachings.

Three things you can take from this incident. (I don't have the link but you can google it.):

1. The pro-abort camp's hypocrisy. As a feminism stronghold, they have always believed in a woman's equality to a man. Why then, when it comes to a hypothetical crime of abortion should a woman be spared but her presumably male abortionist and her husband are to be made liable? That's not equality!

2. The pro-life camp's hypocrisy. They have always fought for the life of the baby, but a mother's "agony" in deciding to kill her baby is enough justification for the crime? Just look at the feminist abortive mothers - Gloria Steinem and her ilk. They do not/did not agonize over the decision to abort their children. They flaunt it!

3. Chis Matthews is a fake Catholic.

The other thing to consider why you should vote Trump. Because he has compiled a list of conservative, pro-life would-be Justices that he plans to nominate should he become president. As you know, there will be two - perhaps three, perhaps more - vacant seats in the Supreme Court in the next five years or so.

Antonin Scalia's seat has been vacant since his death a few months ago. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has pancreatic cancer and is retiring. Stephen Brennan and Anthony Kennedy, and even Clarence Thomas have all dropped hints that they could be retiring in the next few years.

Can you imagine how our Supreme Court would look like if Hillary becomes president? It would look like the Soviet politburo. And it will be so for a long, long time.

Do prayerfully think about these issues, Heathe. God bless you.

Aqua said...

I suppose Novus Ordo is valid. But I now have serious doubts.

For sure, there are no innovations and abuse in any Tridentine Mass anywhere in the world. It is ONLY in New Rite Masses. A tidal wave of abuse all over the world. Brought to us by the Pope himself.

Manifest mortal sinners receiving Jesus today. Heretics of the Lutheran Church (and beyond?) tomorrow. Talk is commencing on married clergy and female Deacons. Expedited annulments. Homosexual partnership blessings. Explicit sex-ed taught to our little kids.

The worst part is that it is happening. But WHY the incessant devotion of time, energy, and Papal focus on that and only that: Sacrilege. It is as if we talk of nothing else. Ever. Change, constant, revolutionary change in the Novus Ordo Mass. And the ONLY suppression anywhere in the world is against Traditional, faithful Bishops and Traditional Orders. Grinding away with a will and focus.

Meanwhile, the Tridentine hasn't moved an inch. I do notice that.

The main point Heather made, above, I think is important. The Blessed Mother appeared (!) at Fatima and warned us what we were to do; Simple, clear, precise instructions. Including; Consecrate Russia, or face the consequences: Russia's errors will spread throughout the world, etc.

Western civilization and the Catholic Church from which it sprung is crumbling, root and branch. No matter how much you may like Trump, even were he to build the mother of all walls, he is not going to forestall judgement. What is happening in NO Church is sorely displeasing to God. Profonation of the Eucharist is now accepted around the world. That WILL be judged. It will NOT stand for long.

That is pretty much all I care about right now. Keeping my spiritual head straight in the midst of all this abuse and apostasy.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Brian, no matter how much you may not like other people, even were they to be like you, you are not going to forestall your judgement either. Hopefully you will not be "sorely displeasing to God."

Because what if God tells you that the Consecration to Russia WAS fulfilled by JPII in 1984 and you start arguing with Him because you don't believe Him? Your mind is set and probably not even God could convince you. Lucia herself said that the Blessed Mother said it was fulfilled and that God would keep His word. Do you know better than Lucia and the Blessed Mother? Hopefully, at that crucial moment standing before Almighty God you won't choose to argue with Him.

I think you're afraid you'll lose your Catholic faith if involved with the likes of, say me, since I believe Lucia and the Blessed Mother. There is no amount of talk from anti-Novus Ordo Catholics to convince me to turn my back on Lucia's message from the Blessed Mother. (And there was no Lucia I and Lucia II. She had all her teeth pulled and wore dentures....just in case your were going to go that route.)

Aqua said...

And this is what I am talking about, from Torch Of The Faith blog. A heart-rending, first person account of his days in Ushaw Seminary, 1990's England.

What he describes, is well documented throughout the Church. And it perfectly fits with the prophecy that the "errors of Russia will spread throughout the world". Within politics. Within the Church.

His experience was personal, but in no way was it unique. The Modernist perverted culture he describes leads inevitably to Fr. Minarro, Rector of the Seminary in Merlo-Moreno Argentina, being appointed Aux Bp for his Dioscese.

Notice the monster 5' loaf of bread, used for the Sacred Host at Consecration, particles of our Lord spilling everywhere.

Here, linked above, is a first person, heartfelt testimony, from a former Seminarian who endured this Modernism in Seminary Formation. It almost killed his faith. He has nightmares from it to this day, 17 years later.

We know this happens in the Seminaries. We know the Seminaries are emptying. We know the Mass is rapidly being corrupted in the most basic and profane ways. It will be required of us, one day, "Why did you know this and do NOTHING."

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sure, show us a horrendous picture as if all Novus Ordo Masses are like that.

Aqua said...


My apologies.

Here is something much more encouraging. I was reading a fantastic article on 1P5, by Fr. Nix. He spent some time of serious spiritual doubt in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a Holy Hour. The hardship and evil was starting to get him down; cause doubts; feeling like giving up. He had some honest, hard words for Jesus, (it's always good to be honest and hold nothing back, in childlike obedience).

And Jesus had words for Fr. Nix!

Jesus said to him: "My Church is being Crucified! Will you leave her?"

And this statement from Jesus changed everything for Father. And he tells us about it in the article. I highly recommend it.

Dawn is coming!

And then there is this (You Tube). It brought tears to my eyes, the first time I watched it. It is the essence of our beautiful Catholic Faith. Stunning. I hope you watch it. Sorry for being argumentative and dark of late.

Marie said...

Brian said, "For sure, there are no innovations and abuse in any Tridentine Mass anywhere in the world."

Actually, there had been. Rare, but it happened. It was in my parish. I was the one who reported it to my pastor first, then to the diocese, then ultimately to Ecclesia Dei commission in the Vatican.

I cried all the way, gathering evidences, instances of abuse, etc., in a seven-month back-and-forth communication between the Vatican and myself. I cried, knowing that when it would be all resolved, the Tridentine Mass which I loved in my parish would disappear forever.

So it did disappear. And now I have to travel for two hours to another city to a Tridentine Mass celebrated beautifully by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest canons.

My point is, the Tridentine Mass is not as hermetically sealed from abuse as we'd like to believe.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Brian, no apologies needed. I enjoy commenting back and forth and hope I haven't been too snarky. I'm working on not being my former self, blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. Am trying to get my thoughts across in a better way so I don't hurt people's feelings.

Will watch the video. Thank you!