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Monday, September 5, 2016

Rest in Peace: Phyllis Schlafly, August 15, 1924 - September 5, 2016, Grand Dame of Conservatism

What a woman! She almost single-handedly stopped the Equal Rights Amendment which threatened to enshrine abortion and other evils. She was primarily responsible for making the Republican party and its platform at least pay lip service to life.

You can tell her influence by the absolutely vicious tweets being published by the left celebrating her death.

Here are just a few responding to Eagle Forum's tweet announcing her death:

"Great day for America" from t.b. whose icon is two male symbols on a rainbow flag.

From Patsy Decline - "My sympathy for the less sadistic psychopath."

Struh Diddly says: "Good! I hope it was painful. Burn in hell."

And there was more. The left really are nasty people who vilify anyone who disagrees with their support for murdering babies in the womb, killing the useless elderly, demanding everyone approve of gender insanity and same-sex "marriage," etc. Diddly is right. There is a hell and certainly plenty of people will burn there as Our Lady of Fatima warned, but I seriously doubt if Phyllis Schlafly will be among them. She devoted her life to defending the family. I heard her speak at the Catholic Leadership Conference a few years ago and was impressed with her beauty, wit, and grace. She was truly an example of how to fight without being ugly and angry like so many of her opponents who are making fools of themselves on Twitter.

Pray for Phyllis Schlafly and her family. May the angels welcome her into paradise.

Donald Trump's statement on her passing.


thetimman said...

She is almost certainly beyond the reach of these cretins forever. God rest her soul.

Anonymous said...

Maryanne , Please watch this it's entirety , comment and post this video .It is so very important for every American pro life advocate to know!

Anonymous said...

Phyllis showed us the proof that Cdl Bernadin and his cronies paid for Obama's Saul Alinsky education. The same Luciferian worshipper who mentored Hillary .Dr Ben Carson has tried hard o wake us up to this fact by begging people to read up on Alinsky and his "Rules for Radicals" .
Obama, a non Catholic, was even given an offices on Chicago Diocesan property
from which to launch his Marxist campaign of influence over Americans.
God Bless,