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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I Didn't Feel Welcome at This Brewery So We Went Elsewhere!

Might as well have a sign saying
Christians not welcome here!
My husband and I decided we'd visit a brewery today and try a flight with a snack. We found one advertised on Trip Advisor in Watkins Glen right down the street from the state park where we'd hiked. Trouble is...when we got to the place there was a large gay flag out front. 

Catholics are called homophobic hate-mongers for daring to say that acting on disordered sexual attractions is sinful. So when I see the gay flag celebrating  sodomy outside an establishment, I know that I and my beliefs are not welcome there. Oh...they will no doubt happily take my money as long as I keep my mouth shut. But what if I'm wearing a pro-life T-shirt or one that says "straight pride?" What kind of reaction do you think I'd get?

So we skipped it. 

Instead we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce in town and picked up a list of breweries along the Seneca Lake wine/brewery trail. What a ride! The lake views are breathtaking!

We found another brewery about ten miles down the road and stopped there instead. I tried a peanut butter beer. Really! And it was pretty good.

Nine, ten some big fat hens!
A family lived next door who had several children playing outside. Laundry hung on the clothes line and there was a little chicken yard with a coop and several fat hens. I spent a few minutes at the window in the brewery smiling at the children playing in a small pool. The toddler, sans clothing, was having a great time running around the yard with his Dad in tow who was, by the way, drinking a beer.

It was a delightful stop. 

I hope every gay-friendly joint puts the gay flag outside. I won't set a toe over the threshold or spend a nickle there and when I find an alternative it may be another one that reminds me of the joys of family life!


Unknown said...

I am confused. I only see a rainbow. Why is it that your immediate assumption is that it's the gay pride flag? If my child draws a rainbow should I confiscate it because it's gay propaganda?

Oakes Spalding said...

The rainbow flag at businesses reminds me a bit of what I've read about those "voluntary" NRA signs during the New Deal.

But in any case, in general it sound like a fun and restorative trip.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Jennifer, The rainbow has seven colors. The gay flag has six. Count the colors and read about the history of the gay flag. This area also brags about being an "inclusive" community, but I don't think that inclusion includes Bible-believing Christians.

Chriss Rainey said...

Found this link I thought was pertinent to the topic. This speaks loud and clear to their denial of truth, which never changes. In their world, you make things up as you go along.

geoff kiernan said...

Well said Mary A K. I think it would be a good idea if all gay establishments put a gay flag out front. Would help me quickly make a decision . Come on Jennifer you are not confused at all....A tad naive perhaps but not confused. You (Mary) are right of course they claim inclusiveness but they mean just the opposite

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thanks for posting this. Excellent job going the extra mile(s). Please say a prayer for a magnificent school in our area that my children were blessed to attend. It is a Classical Catholic Education College Preparatory 6-12 school (we homeschooled k-9, so they attended 10, 11, 12). I cannot sing their praises enough; however, they have asked for prayers since the city where the school resides (the school is not under the diocese) has passed some new law that requires all (probably not private but I am not sure) schools place and display the gay rainbow clearly on the sign outside of the school. They have asked that people say the St. Michael, the Archangel prayer once a day into mid October when they have their day in court. Your prayers would mean a lot to the school and to me. May God bless you and your wonderful family!

Dymphna said...

Whenever I see it I know to go somewhere else.

TLM said...

Very obviously Mary Ann, it's a gay brewery, and no I wouldn't set foot inside myself, but I know who would. Someone like Joseph Sciambra who frequently goes to gay pride parades etc. only to offer a helping hand OUT of that lifestyle for those looking for it. A courageous soul he is as a 'former' who says he's already helped many break free. (I think he hands out 'Courage' literature to those who are inclined) God is more than happy to use those who've been engulfed in sin. He is giving Joseph the grace and Joseph is 'running with it', God Bless him!;)

Diane said...

Jennifer is being disingenuous. She knows perfectly well what a rainbow flag means. Will the lies and prevarication of liberals never end?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Mary's Child, I will start praying for your children's school right now! We all need to stand up and fight against this juggarnaut. They want the kids because the only way they can expand is through recruitment. There is no way people are "born that way."

Mack Malone said...

Good for the business for being upfront that they support gay people (I know it may come as a surprise but just because the flag is out front, does not mean it is a "gay" brewery..) and good for you to decide you would rather spend your money elsewhere. That is how this country works and you voted with your feet. The economic consequences..good or bad...really is the engine driving things, not people saying what you can and cannot do by legal means. I do think there are more people who support gay rights or who don't give a darn and just one a good beer, then they are people such as yourself, but we shall see. I do think it is a bit different that you made a choice not to spend your money there, as opposed to not having a choice in the matter and being refused at the door. I have a feeling they would have served you just as well if you had a silly Pro Straight T shirt on..they are running a business.

The Kurgan said...

If you even have children they are already doomed. Fakebcincern troll is fake.