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Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Sympathy Basket is Completely Empty

My reaction to this Danish photo? A giant yawn 
because my sympathy basket is completely empty.
Friends just returned from a trip across Canada said that Muslims are EVERYWHERE. A friend just returned from Europe said that Muslims are EVERYWHERE. Where Muslims are EVERYWHERE, Islam abounds. Where Islam abounds, jihad accelerates. Where jihad accelerates, people die. When people die, the state does what? Lies that Islam is peaceful. That Muslim culture- enrichers enrich the native culture. Because why? Because the former peaceful nation state and its peaceful native people were a peaceful civilization and needed violence and death to spruce up the economy? 

The Danish government now admits that the country is going through the worst situation since WWII because of Muslim migrant crime. Muslim migrant crime and jihad are the same thing, the equation being C = J, J= C. Therefore the Danish government is saying that because they let in hundreds of thousands of young male migrant Muslims who commit crimes, Denmark is now an unsafe country because of Islamic jihad committed by young male migrant Muslim jihadists whose gangs have taken over the streets of Denmark.

After years of denying the obvious and telling the Danish people lies (although Danish citizens should have eyes like the rest of us) the Danish government is finally admitting there might be a problem with Islam. 

My answer to that is exactly like a comment to Jihad Watch's article by Nicolai Sennels:  "Sorry, but my sympathy basket is completely empty."

From the article: "Thousands of incidents involving loosened wheel bolts on cars, large rocks or cinder blocks thrown from highway overpasses, and thin steel wires strung across bicycle paths meant to decapitate unsuspecting cyclists, is spreading a growing sense of horror among the Danes. In almost all cases, the perpetrators have turned out to be from MENAP countries (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan). In the latest development of what has been characterized as massive low-tech jihad, gangs of migrants and refugees of Arab or North African descent are now shooting innocent people at random in the capital city of Copenhagen, placing in danger the lives of both locals and visitors to this popular tourist city."

Surprise! The MENAP culture enrichers are dangerous Islamic thugs raised in THEIR civilization of violent Islam and brought to Europe to reform the former Christian West into an Islamic Sharia society. (Are you listening, Parisian fashion designers? The basic black dress is back.)

As usual, not the political elite, but rather normal people have the best answers, solutions and insight. Here are a few comments from normal people.

Muslims burn Danish flag
"The civilized world isn't big enough for both of us."

"Europe has invited in a Civil War…now they will have to fight to survive, or they will be enslaved or killed."

"Here’s a crazy idea for the great minds who welcomed savages into a cultured, peaceful, civilized country…..deport every Muslim invader immediately, no exceptions."

"Denmark let them in, and Denmark pays their benefits, but Denmark won’t put them out. It’s hard to feel sorry for those Danish chumps who made their bed and now have to lie in it."

"It saddens me to say this and I take no delight in doing so, but Western Europe over the last hundred years has screwed up time and time again, examples being two world wars that Europe started and that America had to finish, and then excoriating America time and time again as America fought 'brush fires' in places like Korea and Vietnam against that other totalitarian enemy, Marxism, with very little support from a Western Europe that continued to enjoy American protection of it while being appallingly unaware and ungrateful of the 'big picture,' all the while being able to spend far more on social programs while America footed the military bill. Islam is the 'great parasite' to be sure, but Western Europe has given Islam a 'run for its money' here."

"And now with what you specifically mentioned, i.e., Denmark simply slacking off and not doing its bit, it is all part of a larger pattern I have already alluded to, and of Western Europe losing its collective mind and its collective guts and going into parasite mode at the expense of America. This is why I have asserted, on more than one occasion, that all Western Europe is really good for anymore is interesting relics. Frankly, minus these often outstanding relics, Western Europe is pathetic. Understand, I wish Western Europe well, for nostalgic, aesthetic, historical and, yes, self-interest reasons, but I wish, once and for all, it would get its effing act together. No relief in sight I’m afraid. After all, with people like May, Macron, Merkel and Pope Francis in charge, why would any sane, sensible and informed person wax optimistic like?"

"The transformation of countries like Denmark and Sweden from highly civilized, relatively safe and peaceful places to live into dangerous hellholes requiring the army to be in the streets is a warning to all of us."

"The importation of devout Muslims must be halted and then reversed or the entire Western world will succumb to this Evil Ideology – and it won’t take long, either. Look at how quickly it has happened in Europe."

Nanna Skovman, Copenhagen, beaten 
with an iron chain by culture-enrichers. 
Story from Gates of Vienna HERE

"So many strange things are happening lately. Properties that get damaged or destroyed, where absolutely no one could ever imagine why anyone would want to do such a thing. Nothing like it ever happened before in our countries – it’s more than vandalism, it is often carried out with great dedication, it seems. Really peculiar events, all of them.
         And then the fires. Especially around Ramadan, but also year-round, an extraordinary number of buildings, – from very tiny to very large and everything in between – and businesses seem to go up in flames nowadays – and almost ALWAYS the cause remains 'unknown'. Very often the owners are quite sure as well that the fire must have been set intentionally – but how to prove any of it?"

"I harp on here a lot about statistics, and I realize it’s a bit boring, but a statistician could at the very least use data to correlate this with the arrival of you-know-who to see to what extent there is correspondence. Of course, this isn’t the evidence you’re looking for that’d hold up in court, but you’d have a metric to go with your suspicions. From there, it would have to be surveillance. After seeing all the jihadist-sympathizers at the funeral for the creep who shot up the free speech event in Copenhagen, it became self-evident a mass movement exists to subvert and most likely destroy Denmark from within. The longer the government doesn’t address this head on the more and more likely it will be addressed outside of democratic avenues."

"My suspicion is the only thing that will convince the masses of the need to act is the original motivator honed by nature: pain. There will have to be more deaths, more suffering, and country teetering on the brink of Islamic Revolution. Unfortunately from a game theory point of view, it will then be too late."

"All Officialdom Danes can sit on their upright thumbs strategically positioned OR meet the Force of these military trained, military age Single Male “refugees” you bent over backwards to give a home; meet that Force with 10x the Force according to General Schwarzkopf in the First Gulf war. Overwhelm them. Even if you need military help from a neighboring Nation. These wards of the State are beyond rehabilitation that’s why you have the problem and not their respective countries."

"From Sennels’ article – …thin steel wires strung across bicycle paths meant to decapitate unsuspecting cyclists… That’s interesting. Because we have had at least a couple of incidents like that here in Australia. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if some among the Mohammedans here – now numbering at least 600, 000, according to our last census (we have a ‘religion’ question on our census) – were responsible."

"When I read about the Europeans and their embrace of suicide I am reminded of two quotes of Einstein:

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.

Only two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity."


Catechist Kev said...

Thank you for this, Mary Ann.

Whenever I read these type of stories, or think about the USCCB's and Rome's "position" on immigration, zenophobia and the so-called "religion-of-peace", it reminds me of what the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer said:

"In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity."

Catechist Kev

Ray Schneider said...

I have to wonder at the blindness of the leadership of all these countries that systematically have been admitting Muslim barbarians into their countries. We're doing the same thing. I have no doubt there are civilized Muslims as well, but in some ways they are the more dangerous, for their goal remains the same and they are smoother and more comforting. The reality of Islam is written large across the history of the West. They seek to militarily dominate and if that doesn't work they engage in stealth invasion through the hijra, domination through migration, and out populating the target countries. When they grow numerous enough they demand submission on the part of the non-Islam population. They never assimilate to the cultures they have migrated to.

What is the appropriate response? Since they won't actually assimilate they are invaders, not migrants. As such they should be rounded up and shipped to compatible environments that are already Islamic. They have no right to destroy their host cultures. They are parasites. This is just the truth of the matter. The sad thing is that a truth so obvious is denied by so many in positions of truth and authority.

I guess the view is that if it doesn't actually happen on my watch, it isn't my responsibility. So setting up the death of the West is just short term policy and long range suicide. Sad!