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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Climate Change Hysteria: Whatever Happened to Real Science? And Free Speech?

Can we blame the great Galveston hurricane of
1900 that killed 8,000 people on global warming?
They are falling under the weight of money (truckloads of money) and political correctness.

Let's face it. There's lots of money in hyping the "climate change" hysteria which used to be "global warming" until it became evident that we are in a cooling trend. (Just look at Al Gore making millions off of alternative energy sources, while he powers his own mansion and private jet with conventional ones.)

So now, in order to keep the hysteria on the front burner, we need to criminalize "climate change" skeptics.

Make denying climate change a crime!

Associating the hurricanes with global warming is silly. We haven't had a major hurricane landfall in twelve years. Explain that. And hurricane Harvey isn't the worst storm on record:

An analysis by Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach found that the latest hurricanes weren’t unprecedented in terms of their power upon making landfall in the U.S. 
His chart showed that Irma made landfall in Florida at 929 mb, or millibars, tying it for the seventh most powerful storm to hit the mainland since record-keeping began in the 1850s. 
In Texas, Hurricane Harvey ranked 17th at 938 mb, placing it in a three-way tie with an 1898 Georgia hurricane and Hurricane Hazel in 1954.
Hurricanes are a fact of nature. So are nor'easters. So are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other serious geological and weather events. Did the eruption that buried Pompei result from man's activity? How about the eruption of St. Helena? How about the 1888 nor'easter that dumped 50 inches of snow on New York City and affected states from the Chesapeake area to Maine? And the great Galveston hurricane of 1900 that killed 8,000 people and flattened 36,000 buildings.

All the hysteria just shows that most liberals are Chicken Littles running around screaming "The sky is falling." Yes, the devastation from hurricanes and earthquakes is terrible. Getting hysterical about it doesn't make it better. And blaming it on "global warming" or "climate change" or Donald Trump or the Tasmanian Devil doesn't make it any better either.

Frankly this reminds me of a book I read several years ago where a hiker on the Appalachian Trail blamed all the dead trees he saw on "acid rain." The reality was a blight caused by an insect. But, hey! Why let facts get in the way of your hysterical narrative?

The saddest thing to me in all this is that the pope is also ratcheting up the hysteria. I'm not aware that he has any scientific expertise in meteorology. I do know that the Vatican is promoting numerous faux scientists like Paul Ehrlich who predicted back in the '60s that we'd all be dead from famine by now because of overpopulation. So excuse me if I just roll my eyes over Pope Francis pontificating about something controversial and unproven about which he knows virtually nothing. Many qualified scientists dispute the anthropogenic global warming narrative. It's a theory. And it fails to be supported by the data.

If you ask me, what's anthropogenic about all this is the man-made desire for control and one world government, population limitation, and income redistribution. While super-consumers like Al Gore and the Hollywood elite lecture the rest of the world about selfishness, they reap huge dividends from the capitalist culture they deplore. But they want to shut everyone up who dares to challenge their bogus science.

So take a deep breath whenever you see the latest hand-wringing over a natural disaster. See these events as a warning and repent. We've been sowing the wind for generations. Why should we be surprised when we reap the whirlwind?

Today is the anniversary of the 5th apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. She told us the devastating impact of sin. Why should we not think that wars in nature are just as likely as wars among nations when we don't listen to her call for repentance?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


TLM said...

Over at La Salette Journey, there is an article that lists all the prophesies in regard to 'saving the earth' that the false ideologists will cling to in the last days......leading up to and the ushering in of the Anti Christ. Are we there? Within our 'Church' the leading players are pounding the drum of the 'saving the earth' mantra and what I call plain ol' 'earth worship' or even paganism. Seems quite telling to me. Seriously telling.

geoff kiernan said...

I think you owe our inoffensive little Tasmanian Devil an apology

Anonymous said...

You would think that Pope Francis would have learned from the Galileo incident. We do need to keep the air, water and earth as clean as possible, but the reasons vary -- for our own health is one good reason.

One thing many do not think about is that the sin of adultery with multiple marriages often take up more of our resources than one husband and wife with several children all living in one house, growing and canning some of their food, and not being shuffled back and forth between two or more homes and schools. Oh, well some of us must learn the hard way. It took me awhile too, so patience, but I have been married to the same man for over fifty years because I DID consider some of those things -- including all the wasted paper required for a divorce settlement. (Ha! Ha!)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the early morning chuckle, Geoff. Give the little guy a hug from me.