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Friday, September 22, 2017

The Voice of Experience: Daughter Raised by Lesbians Says LGBT is an "Extremist Minority"

Their goal? To eliminate gender altogether.

We're all interchangeable, right? Like leggos you can just take us all apart and put us back together in any configuration you choose. Pop off the breasts and know what. Play with the hole-y pieces and put know where. And voila! The next gender. How about a gender with breasts AND male genitals. That would be fun and different.

Australian Millie Fontana laments being raised fatherless. Her sense of loss is an arrow pointing directly at the natural law. "God made them male and female." Whatever the cause of fatherlessness, it has a profound effect on children.

Fontana is an atheist, a children's rights advocate who is appalled at the dishonesty of the gender Nazis. "I don’t see ‘gender equality,'" she said. "I see a pitch to get rid of gender altogether," she says. Yup! It doesn't matter whether you are raised by two moms or two dads or a mom and dads, or three dads, or a mom who used to be dad and a dad who used to be a mom, or two dogs and a squirrel.

Read the article. It's encouraging to realize that despite the brainwashing of the lesbian moms this young woman managed to recognize the truth about the need for a dad. Now let's pray for her to recognize the Creator who placed that natural law of truth in her heart.

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